Need wheels for your Mac Pro? Apple is selling a set for a whopping $699


I mean, it’s Apple, right? Still, maybe you’ll be convinced to just lug your Mac Pro around instead of pushing it about the place on a nice set of wheels because those suckers are going to set you back more a few thousand rands.

The world of computer accessories is one that is filled with clever little add-ons and enhancements that just make your life so much easier, yet a zone that most Windows PC users have yet to explore is that of attachable wheels. Wouldn’t that be grand? Gliding your machine around rather than having to actually use any kind of effort to lift the thing? Apple’s already ahead of the curve on this particular idea as they’ve announced that wheels for the new Mac Pro can be purchased separately but we doubt anyone’s actually going to take them up on the offer.

If you’re tired of the normal legs on your Mac Pro then a Wheels Kit swaps out the feet for four stainless steel wheels that will cost you a gigantic $699, or roughly R13,000 at the time of writing. That’s a lot to spend on a set of small silver wheels…

Maybe you’d prefer the more stationary option or you’re living on a slope that’s just not conducive to having an expensive machine rolling about the place. Then you can purchase a Mac Pro Feet Kit that comes with four stainless steel feet for $299, or around R5,600 at the time of writing. You could just make them out of wood and spray paint them silver for a much lower price.

It’s worth noting that the new Mac pro base model will only cost you R117,600 so if you’re spending that much on the device, an extra R13,000 is nothing, right?


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