Kids are getting out of hand during lockdown? Have them design a car for Rolls Royce (yes, really)


You’ve got the younglings at home and are trying to keep your job as productive as possible while still wrangling them and the pets and social distancing and you just need a little peace. Sound about right? Rolls-Royce, of all folks, might have a few minutes of silence for you.

The luxury auto-maker has announced a competition for kids — mostly kids in the UK, at least for part of the eventual prize, but it’s open globally. They’re looking for vehicle designs but aren’t necessarily looking for realism. The point? Well, to “…stimulate design talent; inspire greatness; and provide a welcome distraction from self-isolation and social-distancing measures being adopted by many countries around the globe”, according to the company.

Fridge drawings

The Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition wants kids to submit their designs of the car of the future. There doesn’t seem to be much limit to what your young ‘uns can create either, a super-luxury vehicle of the future is what’s specified. Whether that involves tank treads and machine guns is up to the individual designer, we reckon.

Judging will be done by Rolls’ designers and the overall winner will have their design rendered (read: taken seriously). That’s it, that’s the prize. Along with a ride to school in a Rolls-Royce Phantom with their best mate, a prize that appears to be globally available. Assuming there’s a Phantom in that country, we suppose. An example of what the final render might look like is given above and, honestly, we’re kinda hoping a six-year-old takes the prize so we can see what madcap design is converted to reality.

There are also runner-up prizes, in the form of certificates, and a UK-specific prize — a chauffeured ride to school, as well as a Greenpower electric car kit being donated to said kiddie’s school.

That said, the competition is open to all kids around the world up to the age of 16 — and if you’ve got ’em sketching out their ideas, they’re less likely to be underfoot or demanding food for the seventeenth time this morning. The entry form is available here.


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