Multichoice adds two more channels to free DStv Now service


In a press release sent out this morning, DStv confirmed that the new channels would be aimed at educating children stuck at home while schools are closed. These channels will be offered on DStv Now and will be included in the free version of the service for all non-subscribers.

DStv is really trying it’s best to prove to everyone that they shouldn’t just cancel their subscription. Announced a few weeks back, just when things were starting to look bad for the country, DStv stepped up to the plate and announced that they would be releasing a bunch of free channels on DStv Now, its online streaming service, that all South Africans would be able to take advantage of during quarantine.

This channel includes 24-hour news updates, sports coverage (of old sports) and music channels so people can at least have a few bops while they’re locked inside. As it turns out, plenty of people have been taking advantage of this free service, prompting DStv to add another education channel, this time for children.

Mindset PoP is a channel dedicated to educating children, keeping them from rotting their brains away while they’re stuck at home. The channel includes programming that covers the syllabus from Grade 4-9 and will even cover the Early Childhood Development phase and General Education and Training. Those are for your little kids.

“Mindset PoP will deliver live lessons daily, with six fresh hours every day. A website is available for parents to download worksheets and information sheets to work through with expert teachers. Lessons are based on the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and are also aligned to the Cambridge curriculum,” reads the statement provided by Multichoice.

“We’re extremely grateful to all of the channel providers for being so willing to work with us to help all South Africans through this unprecedented lockdown period. Thanks to their support we’re able to keep people informed, keep kids’ educations going, and keep people entertained,” said Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of the Connected Video division of MultiChoice.

So if you want to supplement your kids learning, maybe tune into DStv Now if you have the patience for all of that jazz. Or you could look for some snazzy apps and online solutions. We have some suggestions right here if the latter appeals to you more.


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