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We know you love your children, so please keep that in mind when we say that we also know how totally fed up you are with them. It’s just natural, right? Locked inside with them all day, no friends or teachers to ship them off to and you can’t in good conscience leave them to rot in front of the TV all day, can you? No, you’re a better parent than that. You need to keep those rascals smart and on their toes, but they’ve read all the books and watched every episode of The Magic School Bus on Netflix. Where are to turn next?

Well, we’ve got some ideas for you. The folks over at The Guardian have compiled a handy list of educational apps that’ll both hold your kid’s attention and teach them a thing or two at the same time. The sign of a good education app isn’t just that it can teach but that it can making teaching fun. That’s the philosophy behind this list, so hopefully you find something for your kids that’s both productive and keeps them quiet for a spell.

Khan Academy Kids – Free

An essential organisation for education, the Khan Academy is an NGO that seeks to provide free world class education to all kids. It seems like every child in high school has used Khan Academy for extra science lessons. Khan Academy Kids is an excellent app for those little ones just starting their journey into the realm of education. The best part about KHK is that’s not just maths and reading (although it can’t be overstated how good those courses are) they also focus on emotional and social education, which are becoming more and more difficult to teach these days…

Go Explore from CBeebies – Free

From the BBC’s range of kid’s apps, this little piece of software is one of the best in terms of sheer educational value. Cute visuals and a focus on topics such basic phonics, maths, geography, emotions and self-care, the Go Explore app covers all the topics you might want your youngling to understand. It’s even based on several TV shows, so if your children get super into it you can even sit them down and learn double with the non-interactive version.

Teach Your Monster To Read – Free (For now)

A lot of people don’t understand that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. While it’s probably not a great idea to have your child educate their peers in the art of literacy just yet, they can certainly teach their adorable, custom designed monster. This app is an efficient and personal way to teach lessons in the alphabet and reading, designed to make kids feel competent while they’re learning. What’s even better is that while schools have been disrupted, this usually paid-for app is free!

Hopster – R110 pm

The problem isn’t your kids watching too much television. The problem is them watching hours of TV and not doing anything with the knowledge being imparted. Hopster is a wonderful collection of kid’s television shows, expanded to include interactive games and challenges based on what they’ve seen to ensure they’re actually learning. Shows in the subscription service include Bob the Builder, Thomas The Tank Engine and Pingu. While it’s not free, the value you get out of the subscription is pretty substantial; especially if this lockdown goes on longer than expected.

Montessori Preschool – R120 pm

While their teaching methods are still hotly debated by internet moms everywhere, the official Montessori Preschool is a genuinely snazzy piece of education software. For your monthly subscription, your kids will have access to plenty of essential lesson plans and course, included maths and phonics. Montessori Preschool goes a little further than other apps by adding some more flavourful additions to the lesson plan, including lessons on coding and music, for those looking to give their little ones a more focused education.

World of Peppa Pig – R110 pm

You’re probably sick of Peppa Pig at the moment. We get it. The little pink creature has somehow consumed the world with her oinks and very British accent. Yet her app is a surprisingly decent tool for teaching kids about life and the world. Ideal for those toddlers who’re utterly enamoured with Peppa Pig, this app will keep them quiet and learning for hours on end.

There’s more where that came from..

If any of these sound vaguely appealing to you, go and check out the full list of apps and games over at The Guardian. It’s comprehensive and has a little something for every kid or parent in need of some education (or some peace and quiet).


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