Cell C is doubling the data in its All-In-One packages


Cell C is looking to increase the amount of data provided to customers, so as to help keep people connected during the lockdown. While you’re certainly not paying much for Cell C’s All-In-One packages you’re also not exactly getting a lot.

During lockdown, it’s encouraging seeing service providers doing something to help users stay online and informed. While some ISPs like Vumatel have temporarily doubled line speeds to accommodate those stuck at home who need some form of entertainment, Cell C is also trying to do right by its clients. Just don’t expect a copious amount of generosity.

Announced in a press release this afternoon, to accommodate those isolated in this time of quarantine Cell C is doubling the amount of data included in the All-In-One package. The package, which is designed to provide the bare minimum amount of data, minutes and SMSs for a super low price, will only be doubling the data and will leave everything else as it was. Take a look for yourself:

All-In-One 30MB
All-In-One 120MB
All-In-One 300MB
Bundle Fee incl. VAT
Validity Period (days)
Data (MB)
Was: 30
Was: 120
Now: 240
Was: 300
Now: 600
On-net Minutes
Any-net Minutes

“Cell C has made these offers to help our customers during this very challenging time we all face as South Africans, for them to stay connected, informed and safe”,” said Hazel Chimhandamba, Cell C’s Executive Head of Marketing. 60MB of data for R5 might not seem like much but drop R195 on the package and you’ll get 2GB of data out of it. That’s… not bad at all.

It’s a decent option for those who can’t fork out R100 for a gigabyte of data over at MTN. At the very least, the package is exceptionally cheap so you could probably double up on purchases and make it last that much longer.


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  1. Riaan van der Westhuizen on

    Hallo Brad. Dig a bit deeper please. I have been a Cell C Customer for 4 years and seen over over how the rip off the top up data. Now again bought 6 gig(more than what we use in a month) and it was gone in 4days! We did nothing extra! Had to top up on What’s app bundle and the same, what last a month was gone in 2 days with all notifications and settings adjusted to save date… They rip people off and know the man on the street can’t fight

  2. I do not trust this. I have loaded on 1 gig on 2 occasions since 17 March 2020 and swear to God there is no way it could have been used up, but everytime 1 gig just disappears.

    • Lyton Mandemwa on

      Cellc in a way is robbing us on our data. I have a 20 gig day and 29 gig nite last month I had like 10gig today then tomorrow it was gone. They are not genuine really something is not right.

  3. Im pretty sure that my cell. C daya evaporates often a gig whicch used to last a minth suddenly disappears over a day or 2. When I’m not even using my mobile. Its shocking never neesed more than a gig on my Telkom nymber maybe its time to switch back

  4. I want to get my number back. I used these sim cards you get from the street and I lost it. I couldn’t sim swop it since it was already ricard.

    If you can advice me what to do because I went to CellC branch in liberty mall pietermRitzburg they couldn’t help me. I real need this number u used it as business number and back for my email account.

    Now I cannot even access my email account.

    I called the number and it’s seems as if it’s haven’t been allocated to anyone since it’s goes on voicemail Everytime i called it.

    Please help.

  5. Arno Rademeyer on

    And what about Vumatel doubling fibre speeds with “participating ISPs”, is cell c a “participating ISP” ? If not, I’m switching over to another ISP.

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