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Cell C launches a converged ‘entertainment package’ called MediaPlay

In other parts of the world, you can get all of your communication necessities along with your entertainment indulgences from one company. Which means one bill, and one call centre to contend with when things go wrong. The appeal is obvious. Now mobile operator Cell C has launched a converged […]

Cell C’s new LTE-A promo offers users data for less than R5/GB

We all know that data is pretty expensive if you’re a South African, mobile data even more than most, but Cell C is working on bringing those costs down at least a little. And, to be fair, a rate of less than R5 per GB for an LTE-A contract is… […]

The best (and worst) prepaid data prices in SA

Data remains a hot topic in South Africa. Pressure from consumers and the #datamustfall movement recently prompted regulator Icasa to abolish data expiry, which will mean that once you buy data its yours to use. No non-sensical expiring, vanishing or other skullduggery. But, if you’re planning on changing service providers or […]

Data won’t fall yet, but at least it won’t expire

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has finally made a decision on the future of data for mobile users, and it is definitely looking up. The new regulations state that mobile data shouldn’t expire. Initially, the regulator’s draft regulation of data bundles proposed that data should expire in […]

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ deals in South Africa

Now that the grand reveal has happened, everyone wants to get their hands on the S9 and S9+ (well, a lot of people). We’ve done the necessary digging to find all of the once-off prices as well as contract specials on offer from local service providers. It’s possible to buy the […]

You’ve already met black, now say hello to the blackBOX

You’ve heard of black (the lower-case letter is intentional) and here’s its faithful companion, the blackBOX. black, the Cell C-backed streaming service, also has its own hardware – you know, in case you’re like most of South Africa and don’t quite have a properly smart TV. The blackBOX is a […]

Cell C enters the streaming market with Black

Mobile operator Cell C has announced a video streaming service called Black that will go live in South Africa on 14 November. In addition to on-demand video content, the platform will include live TV streaming and additional services like the ability to bet on sporting events via the company’s affiliation […]

FNB’s launched its own smartphones and a R399/month unlimited call package

First there was the FNB banking app, then the option for FNB customers to buy phones, tablets and laptops directly from the bank and pay them off over a two-year period, followed by FNB Connect selling SIM cards. Now the bank has announced its own Android-powered smartphones, the ZTE-manufactured ConeXis […]

Cell C throws its hat in the LTE and fibre ring like an enraged Oddjob

Cell C’s been rolling out infrastructure in South Africa’s major cities with puppy-like exuberance in an effort to put to bed complaints about the quality of its service (especially on the data front) that dogged the service a few years back. And now it wants to show off its hard […]

Pre-order a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge in South Africa, get the latest Gear VR headset for free

Yesterday Samsung presented its newest smartphones to the world and announced that those who pre-order either the S7 or S7 Edge will the latest Gear VR headset (the recent one with “Powered by Oculus” printed on the side) for free. We wondered aloud whether or not the offer would apply to […]

Vumatel’s giving schools gigabit internet connections for mahala

Dark fibre company Vumatel, the business that’s made the residents of Johannesburg’s Parkhurst and surrounds even more supercilious than usual, has announced it’s going to “roll out free uncapped open access fibre optic infrastructure” to every school its teams of trench-digging, fibre-laying, pink-high-visibility-vest-clad workers pass as it grows its network. That’s […]

If Vodacom and MTN win OTT battle South Africa loses

South Africa’s two largest mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN, will this week attend hearings led by parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications on whether or not so called “over-the-top” players like WhatsApp and Skype should be regulated. Which seems to be code for asking that the Committee allow said operators to charge for third-party […]

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