You will be able to buy from Takealot throughout the lockdown, but only essentials


No, a new armchair or a smartphone aren’t considered essentials. It does look like the biggest online retailer in South Africa has received the go-ahead to trade and do deliveries throughout the national lockdown. You just won’t be able to buy luxuries. 

Takealot announced today that its request to continue trading has been approved, as long as people are only able to buy essentials. The government is placing increasing pressure on retailers to only sell essential goods. It has already prohibited the sale of alcohol and tobacco products effective from tomorrow (Friday, 27 March) for three weeks. 

It’s safe to say the shops are slammed today, as everyone stocks up for the lockdown period. But you can put that trolley aside, because Takealot will be functional, so you’ll be able to have products delivered to your door. No reason to leave the house, right?

The statement, published on the retailer’s social media channels, mentions that payments on its platform are currently disabled. “We have temporarily disabled payment methods for all goods while we reconfigure our platform to remove the ability to purchase non-essentials. Customers will be notified directly about pending orders and returns in due course.”

We’re not sure what exactly will constitute as essential products, but it should be more than just face masks, toilet paper and nappies. So rest assured, there is a plan B if you run out during the stay-at-home period. 


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  2. I order a computor for work from home which is essential to survive and they refused says its not essential really not acceptable

    • I am in the same position would like to purchase a laptop for my son as a lot of work and classes happens there and I cant work with him on my laptop half of the day. Is there anyway that this could be resolved

    • I agree it’s non sensical. Children and students need laptops or computers to continue studies on line . It’s totally unfair and ridiculous

  3. Laptops or computers should be classified as essentials as I am also stuck since my laptop gave in and desperate to purchase a new one but all stores cannot assist. How are we to survive??

  4. Jeanne-Marie Klopper on

    I totally agree. My daughter has now started online classes so I need a laptop for her. I went online and see that some tablets and cellphones are considered essential as well as dstv! Look at the Game site. I called and the customer care person said if I can get an affidavit from the police stating that I need the laptop and the reason must be a good one then I should phone them and say I have the affidavit then Game will send me a form to fill out. Once that is done they will be able to sell the item to me. They said the problem comes if the courier gets stopped with the non-essential item that it will be impounded. The affidavit and form prevents that. It is like a “permission” slip. I am not sure about other shops but Game was amazing!

  5. I tried ordering o a laptop for work but gets directed to wishlist.
    How can a laptop not b part of essentials seeing that most of us are working from work and need a LAPTOP.

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  7. Unfair as it sounds; Take A lot does not get to decide what is deemed essential or not. It is the authorities. Like any other business; they are supposed to trade according to the law.

  8. I am really frustrated. My assignments are due and online classes are proceeding and i can’t do my assignments without a laptop. Honestly, if we have to work front home the Laptops and all the office equipments should be an essential service

  9. I desperately need a laptop, I’m a student and I have online exams on may and June. I don’t know how I’m going to write them. I went to game and I was told they not selling.

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