Where to watch Huawei’s P40 launch


Months of rumours regarding the launch of Huawei’s new flagship model, the P40 and P40 Pro have led up the official announcement event this afternoon. While the country might be extremely concerned about the lockdown starting this evening, maybe a snazzy smartphone launch will be what you need to keep yourself distracted.

The P40 is an important phone for Huawei, there are no two ways about it. With the US ban on Huawei’s products essentially axing any Google software or affiliation from their smartphones, Huawei is out here looking to prove something to the world.

The recent launch of the Galaxy S20 also places them in a corner as they’re forced to deal with a competition that has been delivering rather consistently over the years. So this is it. This is the big one.

While a range of leaks have already plagued Huawei, spilling the beans on most of the P40’s specs and hardware, we still don’t know anything about the phone and it’s bigger sibling the P40 Pro.

All will be revealed this afternoon in a live-streamed event that will officially launch this next step forward for Huawei’s smartphones. Considering the tagline being used to market the phones is “Visionary Photography”, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what the main selling point of the P40 series is.

If you’re all stocked up and have nowhere to go (which you probably don’t), tune in to the live stream on YouTube by clicking right here. The show kicks off at 15:00 today, so try and not be late. You never know what surprises Huawei might have in store.


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