Microsoft just launched an all-in-one Office app for Android


One app to rule ‘em all, eh Microsoft? The software company has been working on an all-encapsulating mobile app that includes access to all of its Office apps — Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Following months of beta testing, it has released the app for Android users

Remember back in the day, when you could access and edit any document in Google Drive, after which they split it all into separate apps? Yeah, we’re finally backtracking to the comfortable functionality of having everything in one app environment. But only on Android for some reason, and also not on tablets or Chromebooks for some reason. 

According to the Android Police, the Android app in its current form isn’t optimised for tablets or Chromebooks. You can’t even use it in landscape mode. Also, the iOS equivalent is nowhere to be seen, so we can probs expect it to roll out sometime. Maybe soon, maybe not. 

This is, however, a step in the right direction for mobile productivity. Seamless integration across devices was step one — step two is being able to edit that darned presentation on your phone minutes before the demo meeting. And that’s exactly what this’ll be good for. The app will also allow you to manage your OneDrive account, as well as scan QR codes. If you so wish. 

All things considered, if you’re already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, this is a massive win for productivity on-the-go. Now we’re holding our breath for tablet-optimisation and the iOS app. 


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