See Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, ahead of tomorrow’s official announcement


Samsung will reveal its newest collection of handsets tomorrow evening, 11 February, but if you were present at the Oscars this weekend (apparently they do tech reveals now), you would have gotten an early preview.

And, because everyone carries a recording device these days, you didn’t actually have to be present. The ad shown for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip was captured, of course, and uploaded to the internet. You can see it below.

You’re gonna Flip

Samsung’s ad shows off the phone in action, though with several caveats tucked away in random corners. One of those is that a ‘small crease’ is normal for the device — a warning that makes sense for the company. Foldable screens will have a crease, whether we like it or not. That’s just how folding screens work, till we get some new space-age material in production.

We can see the folding phone from various angles and states of open and closed — with all the permutations between. It looks to be an interesting second attempt for Samsung’s foldable range, and we can definitely see it in a lot more detail than in previous leaks. Bloom is still a little blurry but we should get a better look at it soon.

Also on the cards for tomorrow night are Samsung’s expected trio of Galaxy S20 handsets, including the absolutely mad-sounding Galaxy S20 Ultra. We’ll keep our eyes on the event tomorrow night so stay tuned to Stuff for all the details as they’re made official.

Source: Nilay Patel (Twitter)


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