What we (think) we know about Samsung’s bonkers Galaxy S20 Ultra


Samsung’s plans for early next month have turned up a little early, spoiling a little of the surprise for the first Unpacked 2020 taking place on 11 February. One bit of premature extrapolation is the existence of a very high-end version of the company’s flagship phone, called the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

When we first found out about the device, there weren’t many details about that it would involve. Why the ‘Ultra’ moniker? How powerful is the damned thing? Well, nothing stays a secret for long it seems.

Putting on some specs

Information about Samsung’s S20 Ultra has turned up courtesy of Max Weinbach, the chap responsible for leaking the previous images (and the title) of Samsung’s new flagship and they’re… impressive enough to justify the wallet-frightening price we’re expecting.

The Ultra will have a huge range of storage options, from 128GB to 512GB, support for up to 1TB of storage and a choice of two RAM flavours — 12GB or 16GB. We might not know anything about the processor for sure but those are PC specs, folks. You might as well have a Macbook in your pocket.

There’s a huge 5,000mAh battery planned, as well as a triple-camera system incorporation what we’d expect is Samsung’s ginormous ISOCELL 108MP sensor in addition to a 48MP 10x zoom and 12MP ultra-wide sensor. These specs are said to be for the 5G version of the device, which implies the existence of a 4G version. The difference here at home? The 4G edition, if it exists, should have a better battery life. There’s also 45W fast charging, which will top up that battery in just over an hour.

The major questions are: how much will this bloody thing cost and are you really going to use a mobile device this powerful to its full capacity. If Samsung’s made improvements to its DeX system, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the potential to replace a PC. Will users feel that way, though?

Source:  Max Weinbach (Twitter)


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