Next up from Samsung: The Galaxy Bloom and the Galaxy S20?


Man, Samsung just cannot keep a secret, can they? Even when they put stickers on their early devices specifically saying “Do not leak info”. What is the world coming to?

Ahead of Samsung’s early February Unpacked 2020 even, we’ve got a whole mess of details about at least two of the company’s devices: The Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Bloom. Only we’re only kinda sure about the Bloom.

The Galaxy S20

But Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is almost set in stone, we reckon. This info comes by way of XDA Developers, which managed to get its hands on images of the company’s new flagship. The leaker, who didn’t want to be named (for obvious reasons), has basically spoiled the name change — we’re guessing S20 has been chosen because it’s 2020. That sounds like something Samsung would do.

Other info we can tell from the images include the presence of a hole-punch camera on the front, there’s an expanded rear camera arrangement (four sensors, a flash and another unknown port — possibly for a microphone), and apparently the Bixby button has gone. They coulda left it there and let us reprogram it but that’s not happening, we guess.

It seems there’s set to be a Galaxy S20, a Galaxy S20+ and also a Galaxy S20 Ultra handset, and the phones will arrive with 4G and 5G variants — so SA buyers won’t have to pay for tech they can’t use yet. That’s decent, at least. The images above are said to be of the Galaxy S20+. We should hear something official on 11 February, which is when Samsung’s Unpacked event takes place.

Galaxy Bloom

Samsung’s got a new folding device waiting in the wings as well, apparently called the Galaxy Bloom. That’s the word according to a report on Ajunews (the link to which doesn’t seem to be working any more) — handily, the details are also available from SamMobile. There’s one blurry image supposedly showing the device floating around (above).

There’s not a whole lot of info about the foldable update beyond the very vague image but Samsung’s said to be targeting the handset at the female market. You’ll see  that it hinges in a different place to the Galaxy Fold. Reportedly, Samsung’s DJ Koh explained to a partner “We designed Galaxy Bloom with the motif of compact powder from French cosmetics brand Lancôme.” Which would explain the form factor. It doesn’t explain the fact that the handset is supposed to be able to record 8K video.

Like we said at the beginning, though, the Galaxy Bloom is more of a rumour than anything else at this point. It’s certainly not as well-supported as the Galaxy S20 is. The Ajunews link being down suggests a whole lot of traffic, or someone’s being shouted at at the moment. Either way, we should know everything come 11 February. Stay tuned.

Source/Images: Ajunews . via The Verge, XDA Developers


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