Put Old Trafford in your living room with Lego’s new licensed Creator Expert build


The Venn diagram of soccer and Lego fans might feature a larger crossover than we expected, if this new Lego set is any indication. Or perhaps the Danish brick-maker wanted to be associated more with football and less with feet in unbearable agony when they encounter a Lego brick — who knows?

No matter, the result is the same — Lego’s due to release a new Creator Expert set into the world and it’s a weird one — It’s called the #10272 Old Trafford — Manchester United set and it’s bound to find a few fans out in the world.

What a shot

Lego’s done licensed deals before but this one’s unusual, even for them. The licensed stuff tends either to be vehicle-related or based on movie or series properties. A building, or stadium in this case, is a less obvious choice… but we’ll still take it.

And that’s because it looks to be an insanely detailed build. And, at 3898 pieces, it should take you at least a day or two to put together. Most of the iconic bits of the historic stadium have been reproduced — everything from the statues outside to the Munich clock to the bright red stands are presented in surprising detail. Knowing Lego, there’s also be interior detail that you’ll only know about if you were the one to put it together.

The set is set (sorry, sorry) to retail for $300 in the States when it launches at the beginning of February 2020. That means we’ll be seeing it here around the R4,500 to R5000 mark. And if you’re a Man U. fan, maybe you can pick this one up, populate it with minifigs (which are not included) and pretend that your team is at the top of the Premier League.


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