We’d drive through the wilderness to get to this Lego Technic Land Rover Defender


We’ve seen Lego do some amazing things with vehicles. There was the monster Porsche build, the iconic Ford Mustang (you may wanna pick up the October issue of Stuff in a couple of weeks), and that life-sized Bugatti Chiron. There’s something new due in three weeks or so — a new Lego Technic Land Rover Defender build, set to drop from 1 October.

And the Technic Land Rover Defender looks like one of the most detailed builds we’ve come across, especially for the number of pieces involved. It clocks in at 2,573 pieces and somehow manages to incorporate a moving engine, working suspension, and a few more neat tricks besides.

Off-road awesome

Tricks like functional steering (controlled via the roof, it appears), what looks to be a fully functional (and switchable) four-wheel drive system, and the ability to open and close all the things. Also: A working winch. Those aren’t small inclusions, more in keeping with a 4,000-piece-and-upwards set. Plus, just look at it. This is cross-branding at its very best. The Defender is a pretty good-looking vehicle in Lego (Technic) form, after all.

The #42210 Land Rover Defender will drop from Lego on 1 October in the States and will set buyers back $200. That’s about R3,000 in local currency, and we actually don’t expect it to exceed that mark by too much here at home. We’ve reached out to the official Lego folks for local availability and pricing and will update when we’ve heard back.

Source: Lego Group (Twitter)


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