You can now renew your vehicle licence via WhatsApp – for reals


If there’s one thing we could all do without, it is going to renew any type of official document. You’ve gotta take time off work, stand in long queues in humid rooms and navigate unorganised government buildings. Not anymore, thanks to a platform called ChatBack

Just send ‘Renew’

ChatBack is a new platform that renews vehicle licences for you via WhatsApp. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’ll only cost you R200 over and above the licencing fee. Using WhatsApp, you’ll contact ChatBack and request a renewal. It’ll obviously need a few personal details which include a copy of your ID and vehicle licence. 

After an order has been placed, you’ll receive a quote from ChatBack — which is the licencing fee and service fee of R200. After payment, the new licence disk will be couriered to your door. That was easy, wasn’t it?

You can renew the licences of both upcoming renewals as well as expired licences using the platform. So if you have a vehicle that has an expired licence, the fee will just be higher than a general renewal. Y’know, because there are penalties on those kinds of things. 

ChatBack is available across South Africa. All you have to do is add this number to WhatsApp as a contact: +27 66 202 6685 or follow this link.


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