How to watch Netflix for R350 a month (yeah, including internet)


Whether you agree or not, Netflix is currently dominating the streaming race. It (arguably) has the best content, original or otherwise, available to South Africans right now. Streaming services are popping up like flies in the South African summer. But here we don’t have access to half of ‘em. 

Which leaves us with Netflix — an easy-to-access platform that costs a fraction of what local broadcast television costs. To sign up, you only need an email address and a debit/credit card. 

Easy, right? The only thing missing now is enough data to stream as much as you’d like to. How else are you gonna get through three seasons of Stranger Things in a day?

Here is where most run into problems. Expensive problems… Data costs in South Africa are yet to fall. ADSL connections have fallen… off the grid. And getting a fibre line isn’t a cheap venture. What if we told you there is another, far less expensive option. 

Let it Rain

Enter Rain — one of SA’s newer entries in the mobile network market. Rain has some of the cheapest data prices around — going for R50 a gigabyte. If you consider a gig costs R100 from Vodacom, R100 from Telkom and a whopping R150 from MTN… that’s not a bad deal. 

It also has a special rate for unlimited (uncapped) data during off-peak hours — R250 a month. Which is nothing if you consider that you can download as many gigs as you’d like. And stream for as many gigs as you’d like. 

The other bonus is that off-peak hours are from 11 pm to 6 pm — that is 19 hours a day, in which you can do with those gigs just what you’d like. For a base fee of R250 per month. 

But, I have a life

This is where the sneaky hack comes in… Using a smartphone, tablet or Windows laptop, you can download all the content you want to have ready to watch that evening. Netflix allows users to download movies and series directly to their devices to watch later, when they’re not connected. 

The only catch here is that downloaded content will expire, and Netflix allocates an expiration date to each download. This depends on the show, but most series and movies will last for two to seven days on your device. So, you’ll have plenty of time to download more. 

Want to watch your newly acquired shows on a TV? Connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable. Another great investment is a Chromecast device (R650), which will allow you to cast anything from your phone to the TV. But both devices will need to be on the same network and have an active internet connection so… 

Get started for R1

Takealot and Rain just announced a partnership, which means that you can pretty much get connected now for just R1. You can order a 4G Rain SIM from Takealot for R1, have it delivered (you’ll need some docs for RICA), and get connected to the internet (keep in mind that Takealot will charge R150 for delivery). The account also works on a pay-as-you-use structure, so no other upfront fees are payable. 

So, you’ve got a SIM — pop it into your smartphone and sign up for a Netflix account. We recommend the base account if you’re not after 4K content. The base plan currently costs R99 a month — this gives you the ability to connect two devices to the account and stream all the content available. Also — you’ll get the first month free — yeah!

And voila! You’ve got access to unlimited Netflix and chill, for a mere R350 a month. Yes, there are a few extra steps to ensure maximum chill at the end of the day. But if you consider that fixed fibre costs R800 (on average, depending on speed), the hassle is totally worth it.


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  1. Bradley Smith on

    The part that’s left out is rain peaks at below 1mb speeds and gets even worse on weekends, unless you planning for heavy buffering , sometimes even as slow as 2kb per second, yes, 2kb per second, the cost of inconvenience is truly not worth it. Rain connectivity problems have increased over the past year, and that is well documented by the number of people on the net that are on rain who are complaining like me. This suits a person that torrents and leaves downloads running over night.

  2. John POTGIETER on

    My concern is The mentioning of Jesus Christ in movies and the lack of parental control like cutting out or muting the disgraceful swearing.
    I am ok with strong words but being without a method of cutting out the mentioning Jesus Christ name in vain is, for me unacceptable.
    I attempted to set Netflix parental control and was cut of from the entire house of cards not just the offensive part, In this house it is only my wife and myself so we would love to see the movie without the offensive parts.
    If this is attainable I will have to cancel my subscription because most of the movie are the same because of the Netflix parental control method. Even Top-gun is totally unacceptable and as a pilot it is a setback for me.
    Please let me know if there is way to overcome this. Again I am not attempting to keep the kids out my youngest iis 32 married with her own kids and if they visit aI sensor the kids myself. As a devout Christian I need this nonsense censored without being cut of from the entire movie.

    • Hi John, I share your exact thinking. Have a look at VidAngle. It more money but it provides exactly what you want.

    • Dear John

      Its the year 2020. It is not a crime nor are you taking the Lords name in vain when you say “Jesus Christ”. There are people with the name Jesus. The first thing you should probably know, is that there is NO Jesus Christ. I know this may be hard to understand, but the bible was written by a bunch of drunk idiots. Believing anything written in there is like being naive in believing that everything you read on the Internet is true. signed…happy Atheist.

  3. FRANKIE De Souza on

    We live in Delmas MP I would like to know who can we contact install NETFLIX and how much will it be

  4. The sad part that was left out was that RAIN is never online… I subscribed in Feb/March 2020 this year and cancelled in 2 months.. they debited my account with R250 for a month that i did not use it, because cancellation is not immediate… They debit you whether you used it or not.

    They are offline for 60% – 70% of the time. To make matters worse, I was using it for office internet.

    I have been using Telkom and Cell C for years and I never had a single problem with charges or coverage, not one problem. The only reason I wanted to jump ship was because of the R250 unlimited data promise. Trust me it is limited. Limited to ZERO internet especially when you need it.

    Very bad experience!!!!!!!

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