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Trace Mobile offers freebies and bonuses, but beware the Ts&Cs

There’s a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) vying for the hard-earned (or purloined from their parents) rands of South Africa’s young folk. Called Trace Mobile, the SIM-only operator uses Cell C’s network to provide prepaid voice, SMS and data services and offers users bonus airtime with each recharge and free access to Facebook and WhatsApp, with a range of Ts&Cs, o...[Read More]

Light Start – GoPro goes social, a manned drone, bodies better than Bluetooth and Instagram Direct grows up

Wearables could one day send data through our bodies instead of via BluetoothBluetooth may be the de facto way of getting wearables to communicate with other devices like our smartphones, but a team at the University of San Diego in California is testing a system that uses the human body’s natural magnetic field to transfer data instead. It works on the same principles as an MRI, but involve...[Read More]

Voice calling is coming to WhatsApp very soon

WhatsApp could soon be bringing the fight to the likes of Skype and Viber with the addition of voice calling, after a Reddit user in India posted screenshots indicating he now has access to the feature. Given that the screenshots originated from India, it’s likely that WhatsApp is using the country as a test. It’s also worth noting that the Reddit user stated that he was running Androi...[Read More]

WhatSim promises near-unfettered access to WhatsApp when you’re overseas

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps in the world. And even more so when we travel, since all we need is Wi-Fi or data to send messages on the app instead of paying a ton using SMS services. In building on that need, an Italian company has created the WhatSim – the word’s first SIM that allows you to chat on WhatsApp from anywhere in the world and with no limits. All it...[Read More]

WhatsApp Web lets you continue chatting on Google Chrome

Meet WhatsApp Web, the chat app’s new web client that will allow you to move your smartphone conversations onto the desktop. WhatsApp Web isn’t a separate chat app, it just mirrors what’s happening on your smartphone. This means all your messages still live safe and sound on your device, and not stored on your computer. To use WhatsApp Web, you’ll need up to date versions of both Google Chro...[Read More]

WhatsApp’s user base bulges again, hits 700 million users per month

It’s about time that we checked in on WhatsApp and the number of people using the (now highly) popular messaging service. When last we saw our heroes, they were sitting atop a pile of users 600 million high, so what has changed since August last year? Quite a bit, according to the company. Their monthly users have ballooned once more, jumping up some 100 million for a total of 700 million mo...[Read More]

11 secret WhatsApp tricks you (probably) didn’t know about

What a furor WhatsApp caused with a colour change in its double ticks. An update earlier this year confirmed what we’ve always suspected (but never bothered confirming) all along – namely that the ticks represent when your messages are delivered, and confirm that they’ve been read. On the flipside, this incident also inspired us to dig deeper, and we’ve gathered up a bunch of fea...[Read More]

Cell C is giving users free data when using WhatsApp

This is a turn-up for the books from Cell C and, if history is any indication, this will soon be met by similar offers from other mobile operators in South Africa. Cell C has just announced that users on their cellular network, specifically contract and MegaBonus pre-paid users, will have the data charges incurred by messaging service WhatsApp waived. The company is giving a month’s notice o...[Read More]

WhatsApp hit a new milestone, adds 100 million active users since April

Well what do you know, Facebook-owned WhatsApp continues to pile on new users at an increasing rate. From 250 million users in July last year to the half-billion mark in April this year (a doubling of users in less than a year), the company seems on track to bump up their numbers by another 250 million soon enough. The newest milestone for the company is 600 million active monthly users, an increa...[Read More]

More uses for your smartwatch – WhatsApp beta update coming to Android Wear with voice replies

You know what would be awesome? If we could give voice replies to instant messaging through a smartwatch instead of having to haul out a smartphone and manually enter characters. You know what would be even more awesome? If it was already here. Well guess what? It is. Instant messaging service WhatsApp is adding support for Android Wear devices in the latest beta version of their app. Though Whats...[Read More]

Twitter reported to be testing a WhatsApp share function

Twitter might be testing a way to extend its influence to Facebook-owned WhatsApp, if screenshots that have been appearing from users are accurate. The Next Web reports that Twitter has been noted as testing WhatsApp cross-posting within its Android app, basing the report on screenshots that have been cropping up online. Most of these images seem to originate in India and they show a dedicated but...[Read More]

WhatsApp hits 500 million user milestone

When last we heard from WhatsApp regarding its user base, the chat app boasted 430 million users. Following its acquisition by Facebook for what is frankly a stupidly large amount of money, the popular app has increased its collection of users to the half-billion mark. WhatsApp made the milestone announcement via the company’s blog, citing growth in countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and R...[Read More]

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