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Silicon Valley wants to read your mind – here’s why you should be worried

Silicon Valley companies (and governments) already surreptitiously gather as much data on us as they can and use it in ways we’d rather they didn’t. How sure can we be that our random and personal thoughts won’t be captured and studied alongside the instructions we want to give the technology?

Are Silicon Valley companies chaos factories? Tim Cook thinks so

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw some shade at Silicon Valley tech companies at in his Stanford commencement speech last week.

We’ve fallen out of love with Silicon Valley’s creations, as smartphones and social media have us chasing “another dopamine hit”

Last year was Apple’s triumphant 10th anniversary of the iPhone’s launch. The device that ushered in our smartphone era and truly made the internet mobile was glorified for what it has done for us. It seems, with almost indecent haste, that by January of the following year Apple and its iPhone are no longer the media darlings they have always been but the new villains in our over-conne...[Read More]

Why Silicon Valley wants you to text and drive

As self-driving cars come closer to being common on American roads, much of the rhetoric promoting them has to do with safety. About 40,000 people die on U.S. roads every year, and driver errors are linked to more than 90 percent of crashes. But many of the biggest advocates of autonomous vehicles aren’t car companies looking to improve the safety of their existing products. Huge backing for self-...[Read More]

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