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The rise in cyber attacks shows we need to change the way we think about crime

You are now 20 times more likely to have your money stolen online by a criminal overseas than by a pickpocket or mugger in the street, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics. The figures, revealed that almost 6m fraud and cyber crimes were committed in the past year in England and Wales alone – making it now the most common type of crime experienced by adults in the UK...[Read More]

There must be smarter security than a ban on ‘dumb’ passwords

In cyberspace we are facing password fatigue, caused by having to recall (seemingly) endless streams of (apparently) unrelated numbers and letters at odd times. One answer is to make those passwords longer and more incomprehensible. The logic here is that people have an unlimited capacity to remember such things, or perhaps they have an unquenchable desire to write passwords on yellow post-it note...[Read More]

Security risks in the age of smart homes

Smart homes, an aspect of the Internet of Things, offer the promise of improved energy efficiency and control over home security. Integrating various devices together can offer users easy programming of many devices around the home, including appliances, cameras and alarm sensors. Several systems can handle this type of task, such as Samsung SmartThings, Google Brillo/Weave, Apple HomeKit, Allseen...[Read More]

Is someone watching you online? The security risks of the Internet of Things

The range and number of “things” connected to the internet is truly astounding, including security cameras, ovens, alarm systems, baby monitors and cars. They’re are all going online, so they can be remotely monitored and controlled over the internet. Internet of Things (IoT) devices typically incorporate sensors, switches and logging capabilities that collect and transmit data across the internet...[Read More]

New Android vulnerabilities could expose nearly all devices to hacks

Many of us view MMS messages throughout each and every week, but if you have an Android phone and the message comes from a malicious source, it could well make your device vulnerable to hackers. That’s according to Zimperium Mobile Security, whose researchers discovered a host of vulnerabilities within Stagefright, the media playback engine found within Android 2.2 and higher. Google surely ...[Read More]

SecurEnvoy’s NFC tech could make your Apple Watch your password

“There are only three ways to identify a person, namely: something you know such as a password or PIN; something you own such as a credit card or mobile phone; and something you are such as a fingerprint or retinal scan. The idea behind two-factor authentication is to bring two of these methods together to introduce a much stronger level of security.” So tells us SecurEnvoy co-founder Andy Kemshal...[Read More]

Cisco says BYOD makes SA businesses vulnerable

New research conducted by global networking and hardware giant Cisco has found that the increase in mobile devices in the workplace has left many South African businesses vulnerable to security breaches. Cisco says South African companies need to pay closer attention to IT security, particularly where staff are able to access sensitive company information on their mobile devices. This sort of acce...[Read More]

Simple ways to stay secure online

Every South African with an email address will, at some point, receive a phishing mail or 419 scam email from either a bank claiming details have been compromised and need to be updated, or from some or other custodian or estate executor looking to transfer money from a hitherto unheard of benefactor in exchange for a fee. The bulk of banking phishing mails are made to look like they come from Abs...[Read More]

Security-conscious Blackphone ships, goes on sale again in mid-July for R6,700

As of yesterday the Blackphone, a smartphone that has been designed with privacy and security in mind, has begun shipping to those buyers who picked it up on pre-order the first time that it was available. If you missed it the first time around, it was quickly sold out and the companies behind Blackphone, Geeksphone and Silent Circle, had to suspend sales until more stock became available. In the ...[Read More]

TweetDeck was down and vulnerable (but it got better)

If you’re a TweetDeck user you might have noticed a slight outage of Twitter’s platform yesterday evening. Since everything is back and working at the moment (we checked and so have they), Twitter has fixed the problem but the downtime was the result of a security vulnerability that could have allowed some users to execute malicious code through tweets, potentially spreading to other a...[Read More]

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