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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Mostly new dog, mostly old tricks

Back in 2011 the first Galaxy Note with its 5.3in display and S Pen stylus seemed ridiculous. Now it’s one of Samsung’s poster children, and its fans are deeply loyal. So, is the Note 9 worth the R19,000 asking price (add another R5,000 if you want the 512GB version)? That depends if you already own a Note 8, and how you feel about the S Pen. Design of the times The Note 9 looks undeni...[Read More]

Revised Samsung Galaxy Note 5 models shouldn’t have stuck S-Pen issues

The S-Pen is one of the most distinctive parts of Samsung’s Galaxy Note experience, letting you pop out the tiny stylus for quick scribbles – but with the Galaxy Note 5, some early users reported that the S-Pen was getting stuck in the slot. For good. Granted, it happened when the S-Pen was inserted backwards, but anyone might quickly pop it into the slot without thinking about orienta...[Read More]

Samsung Unpacked 2015: The story’s in the software

Korean electronics giant Samsung today unveiled the latest iteration of its phablet-with-a-stylus handset, the Galaxy Note 5 and the enlarged version of it’s S6 Edge device, the S6 Edge+, at a flashy event in New York City’s Lincoln Centre. That’s another point to the rumour mill, which was (as we’ve come to expect) spot on in its predictions. But today’s announcement...[Read More]

New Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked shots reveal more about S-Pen

Another day, another set of leaked Galaxy Note 5 pictures spilling into the web. These shots show what appears to be a retail-ready example of Samsung’s next phablet in gold livery and a white press-on protective case (possibly third-party rather than Samsung-made). There are a couple of AT&T apps visible on the home screen, suggesting this is running a finalised – or very near-finalised – ver...[Read More]

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