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Audi Q3 35 TFSI S Tronic – The art of driving without driving


To paraphrase Dre, a giant doesn’t have to move unless its provoked. Rolling up sirens blaring is a sure way to get noticed but people will know you’re a kid. Roll up in Audi’s Q3 35 TFSI S Tronic and people are still going to notice — all the more because you don’t have to call attention to yourself. 

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: This vacuum sucks (dirt)


If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use vacuum that will open up some time for you to do something other than clean, the Mi Robot is nifty as hell. It’s easy to set up and use, with little to no complications. We had just one incident where the little guy got stuck under a chair and couldn’t find his way out — but that’s easy enough to manage. Just take it out and restart operations. 

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