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Garmin Forerunner 30 – Garmin’s cheapest Forerunner is a solid budget motivator for road runners

The Garmin Forerunner 30 is a watch for the run curious, you know, those folk who’ve made fitness one of their New Year goals but don’t want to spend a fortune on something they fear could wind up gathering dust. Don’t get us wrong, that’s not a criticism of this Forerunner or those who buy it. Any decision to start working out — in whatever way and at any point in th...[Read More]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – This ‘fighter finally feels like the complete package

The long-awaited fifth iteration of Capcom’s definitive fighting game series should have been a first round knockout. Instead, Street Fighter V started strong, then quickly gassed out. Where was arcade mode? What was there for single player fans that didn’t appreciate getting thrashed every time they stepped out online? It might have taken two years, but Arcade Edition finally delivers everything ...[Read More]

Worms W.M.D (Switch) – Holy Hand Grenades at the ready

Worms is one of those bizarre game ideas that could only have come from the 16-bit era: A 2D, turn-based detonate-em-up pitting two teams of armed-to-the-teeth annelids against each other. A whopping 20 sequels later, pinball and golf-themed spinoffs not included, you’d think the formula had gone stale. Or you would if you’ve never unleashed a banana bomb (made of actual bananas) on some hapless w...[Read More]

Doom (Switch) – Welcome (back) to hell – Nintendo fans now included

Doom is back – but not quite as you knew it. First released on the PC way back in 1993, id Software’s Doom was a true groundbreaker. While it wasn’t the first first-person shooter ever made, it did popularise the genre – so much so that for several years afterwards, FPS games were commonly known as “Doom clones”. And now Doom is back for the fourth title in the series, once again developed by id –...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Switch) – Dragons, dungeons and draugr, now shrunk to fit

Way back in 2011, Skyrim absolutely blew us away. A lot can happen in six years, though. This was before RPG greats like The Witcher 3 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild rolled around – so will a few coats of digital paint and a version you can carry around with you in your pocket be enough to keep Bethesda in our good books? Yes, as it turns out. It absolutely will. ENTER THE DRAGONS In case you...[Read More]

Canon G1X Mark III – Honey, Canon just shrunk the DSLR…

Is it possible to get excited about a compact camera in 2017? After all, between dual-lens smartphones and compact system cameras, we’re already spoiled for choice when it comes to small, powerful snappers. But Canon’s G1X Mark III is that rare thing – a genuinely innovative (and yes, even exciting) compact. Why? It basically stuffs Canon’s DSLR tech (including an APS-C sensor) into a pocketable f...[Read More]

Apple iPhone X – Apple says bye to bezels and buttons and is better for it

Twenty years ago, Apple’s slogan was “Think different” – who knew it would be so appropriate two decades down the line? The X is the biggest shake-up for the iPhone since, well, ever. It ditches the signature home button, waves goodbye to bezels and scans your face instead of your fingers. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. These sweeping changes aren’t just for show, though. They comp...[Read More]

Fujifilm X-E3 – Fuji’s hot streak continues with this ravishing rangefinder…

If you’ve already been struggling to decide on a mid-range compact system camera, well, there’s bad news – your decision just got a bit tougher. Fujifilm’s X-T20 has long been our best all-round CSC, but now it’s been joined by a snazzy, retro alternative in the form of the X-E3. Both share the same 24.3MP APS-C sensor found in many DSLRs (as well as Fuji’s X-Pro2 and X100F), with the differences ...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront II – This Star Wars shooter has a pretty grim dark side

Star Wars Battlefront II has a lot in common with the Death Star. When working as intended, both are monsters in their respective fields: the Empire’s death machine delivers massive destruction, while EA’s multiplayer epic offers huge amounts of fun. However, where the Death Star had a terrible design flaw that ultimately left it in ruins, Battlefront II boasts something similar: microtransa...[Read More]

LG V30+ – Scraps the dual-screen gimmicks for a Hi-Fi focus

Budding movie makers, pay attention: LG’s latest wants to add some silver screen magic to your social shares. The LG V30+ can record 4K videos in LOG format – that’s the kind of silver screen wizardry cinematographers use when they colour-grade blockbuster movies. Not bad for something that slips into a pocket. It’s purpose-built for audiophiles, too, with a 32-bit DAC that’ll handle Hi-Res ...[Read More]

Need for Speed: Payback – Ignore the Vegas-style glitz and glamour – the House always wins

Need for Speed already had a lot in common with the Fast and Furious films. They’re both long-running franchises obsessed with driving fast, crazy customisation and OTT action – but this latest entry gets closer than ever to matching the car-based carnage of Dom Toretto and crew. Payback is a story-driven revenge tale, putting your ragtag team of drivers up against the underground gambling c...[Read More]

Call of Duty: WWII – History repeats itself – and that’s no bad thing

Out with the preposterous sci-fi warfare, in with good old fashioned Nazi-killing. Having pushed the boundaries of armed conflict into outer space, the latest Call of Duty is a return to all the stuff that has made the FPS series such a blockbuster success. Heading straight back to WWII is a tricky move to get right, though. While the past few CoD games have leapt away from the well-trodden Allies...[Read More]

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