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Nokia 4.2 – Fast, good, or cheap: Pick (these) two

Nokia’s on to a good thing with its Android One handsets. Android in its purest form used to be reserved for the likes of Google’s Pixel but those are hard to find this side of the world. You don’t have to worry about all that any more — Nokia has South African users covered. And the Nokia 4.2 (where the name comes from is a mystery – there’s never been a Nokia 4 or 4.1) is a budget wa...[Read More]

Astral Chain – Fast or slow, this one is pure Platinum

From the makers of Bayonetta comes Astral Chain, a police action title in the vein of every shōnen anime ever, plus a bunch of video games. Shades of Bayonetta, Bungie’s ancient action title Oni and a few more besides live inside this intense action thrill-ride. Honestly, we weren’t expecting anything else from developers PlatinumGames. See also: Nier: Automata, Vanquish, Bayonetta 2, Metal ...[Read More]

LG G8S ThinQ review – Not a one-trick pony for sure

As far as flagships go, though, LG really ramped up development on everything that matters with the LG G8S: design, performance and camera sensors.

Jabra Elite 85H – Nobody gets it right the first time. Except, apparently, Jabra

We're no strangers to Jabra at the Stuff offices, though we're far more used to seeing sports headphones and wireless buds with brains to match their beauty. Jabra's Elite 85H is a stranger find, the company's first foray into active noise cancelling (ANC).

Asus VivoBook 15 X512 review – It’s just a pretty face

We check out the Asus VivoBook 15 X512 -- a mid-tier machine that comes in at a pretty affordable price, but what else does it offer?

UltraLink eSmartCam 720p HD Camera – Making light of the darkness

Budget options like the UltraLink eSmartCam, which retails for between R800 and R1,100, are a dandy way of testing whether remote monitoring of your home and precious stuff is for you. As a bonus, the UltraLink eSmartCam doubles as a pet cam or a baby monitor

Fitbit Versa Lite – A safe bet for varied tracking but few standout features

We've used Fitbit’s Versa for some time, but the company's since gone and released a stripped-back version of the smartwatch/fitness tracker -- that's the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition to you. The new wearable loses a fair few functions but that means that the price is right. On paper, at least. The RRP for the Versa Lite Edition is lower than the Versa's RRP -- not that it matters all that much.

MSI Prestige PS63 Modern 8RC – Skinny, but magically strong

Laying hands on the MSI Prestige PS63 Modern is like bumping into a friend from high school who has completely reinvented themselves. The same person is in front of you, but they’re almost unrecognisable. Hopefully in a good way, like the PS63’s aesthetic makeover. A coarse-textured casing in carbon grey and blue? Teeny bezels and a bright, clear display? Hello there, familiar stranger. Designed f...[Read More]

Honor 10 Lite – A hella schweet deal for a decent handset

The Honor 10 Lite epitomises what smartphones should strive to be -- it can do everything you well and it won’t bankrupt you in the process.

World War Z – Don’t leave any of your friends for dead

World War Z, if you know where to look, has been around for a considerable length of time. There's the Brad Pitt film, which turned up in 2013, but the so-so movie was based on a far better book by the same name. The 2006 book was itself the sequel to the equally-excellent Zombie Survival Guide. It's taken quite a while to go from book to game. 

Bose Frames – Nothing shady about these smart sunnies. Except in the good way

The Bose Frames, though, have added a new category to our lives: sunglasses that double as wireless headphones. Each arm has a titchy little Bose speaker system that fires right into your ear-holes and just about nowhere else. No broadcasting your music tastes to all and sundry. How about that? There's a multi-function button that does just about everything physical you could possibly want, and a ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S10e – The less-expensive flagship you’ve been looking for?

It's refreshing to see the Galaxy S10e, a handset with most of the power possessed by its peers, come in at... well, cheaper. Now those with less well-endowed bank accounts can experience top-shelf smartphone bliss. 

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