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Find out WTF is going on – the best news apps all-round

Terrified by the rise of fake news? Want headlines beamed into your eyes? Check out Stuff’s reliably-sourced dossier of news apps for keeping you in the loop.

Disinformation, conspiracy theories spread through YouTube, boosted by its algorithms

Forget Reddit. YouTube is the cesspool of the internet. Much has been made in this hand-wringing chapter of discovering how bad social media has become over Reddit, the chat site that is a haven for conspiracy theories and right-wing hatred. And it is bad. So much so that Reddit – which has prided itself on not “interfering” in its crazy readers’ discourse – has shut down numerous boards linked to...[Read More]

Radiohead hid a ZX Spectrum program in its anniversary edition of OK Computer

Radiohead’s OK Computer was one of the seminal albums of the ’90s, and certainly one of the best releases of 1997. Two decades down the line, the British band has released an eye-wateringly expensive anniversary edition priced at $130/£100 that includes three vinyls, a hardcover book and a C90 tape cassette. The cassette is bookended by blips and beeps that’d be familiar to those...[Read More]

Reddit’s move toward respectability means leaving behind some of what made it great

The “front page of the internet”, Reddit, itself has a new front page: Upvoted. This standalone news site offers content drawn from Reddit posts – a “Redditorial” process – rather than the free-for-all that gave Reddit its reputation as “the dark, unruly id of the internet.” Upvoted looks slicker and cleaner than the basic, text-heavy Reddit, and re-purposes the same content with more pastiche. Th...[Read More]

Developer breaks laws of nature, makes iOS notifications work on Android Wear

Chocolate and prawns, oats and motor oil, iOS and Android Wear – some things just don’t go together. But they sure as hell can be forced. Developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has defied the laws of nature by getting iOS to work with Android Wear smartwatches – no jailbreaking required. Before you get too excited however, it’s worth pointing out that most of Android Wear’s...[Read More]

The custom Star Wars Millennium Falcon drone is expectedly amazing

Flying drone enthusiasts are a fun bunch, tweaking their quadcopters to create things like the SHIELD Helicarrier from The Avengers. But the latest pop culture recreation really takes the cake. Check out this custom-built Millennium Falcon drone from Star Wars, which was posted to Reddit by user Olivier-FR. He’s got a wealth of quadcopter clips on YouTube, but this appears to be his first shared a...[Read More]

Voice calling is coming to WhatsApp very soon

WhatsApp could soon be bringing the fight to the likes of Skype and Viber with the addition of voice calling, after a Reddit user in India posted screenshots indicating he now has access to the feature. Given that the screenshots originated from India, it’s likely that WhatsApp is using the country as a test. It’s also worth noting that the Reddit user stated that he was running Androi...[Read More]

Preparing for the second machine age

In the same way the dawn of computing hurried the death of a range of vocations there’s no doubt that increasing automation and progress in fields like artificial intelligence (AI) will mean the death knell for industries and careers we take for granted today. It’s unavoidable, but there’s no need to panic, the trick is to understand what’s coming in broad terms and prepare accordingly. “Programmi...[Read More]

HTC’s action camera, the RECamera, leaked in photos

HTC hasn’t been terribly subtle about its next tech foray, with an October event invitation and teaser video both making it clear that a GoPro-esque action camera is imminent. And now it has leaked. The HTC RECamera is its name, and the tiny video camera looks quite a bit like plastic tubing. In the image left, you can see how versatile it will likely be, with mounts for straps and all other sorts...[Read More]

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