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Ford (yes, that Ford) has come up with a tech-powered bed that keeps each sleeper in their lane

Technology bleeds. Not in the red-and-white-cell sense (yet) but development in one area can spread to another quite easily. Case in point: Motor company Ford has used its so-called ‘lane-keeping’ tech to create a new sort of bed. A bed that can keep each occupant on their own side, thanks to a conveyor belt and a few sensors… in addition to the smarts that keep Ford’s cars...[Read More]

Here’s a look at an early version of Xiaomi’s folding phone in action

Folding phones are a little like Pringles. Nobody’s thinking about them, then someone shows up with a tube and suddenly everyone wants one. That’s why everyone seems to be trying to catch up with Samsung. Motorola is thought to have something in the works with an updated RAZR, LG and Huawei are working on versions of their own and even Apple might have a folding device up its crisp, wh...[Read More]

Samsung has revealed their folding smartphone display – here’s what we know

Samsung has done what it said it would and revealed its first folding smartphone at the company’s Developer Conference in San Francisco this week. In a manner of speaking, anyway. There was certainly a folding smartphone shown on stage, though the device was disguised in a case that concealed ‘key design elements’. Samsung’s new tech was demonstrated by Justin Denison, the ...[Read More]

Is it a drone? Is it a plane? No, it’s an Uber-craft!

Uber has a bold vision for the future of urban transport. By 2023 the ride-sharing startup aims to make small aircraft rides, with vertical takeoff and landing, an affordable option for daily commuters — allowing for something like Joburg to Pretoria in 15-odd minutes. With no traffic? We’re in! The company has revealed a new concept  of their so-called “aerial taxi” at the...[Read More]

IBM has made the world’s smallest computer, measuring just 1mm x 1mm

Just how much space do you need to create a compete working computer? If you’re IBM the answer to that is “Not much at all”, which might explain how the company has managed to create the world’s smallest functional PC. That header image above? That shows 64 of the computer’s motherboards sandwiched together on a single chip. Unveiled at the IBM Think conference, this ...[Read More]

High-speed Hyperloop: Watch Hyperloop test pod pass 320km/h in moments

So you want to see the future of transport before it’s the future of transport? The Hyperloop, the brainchild of  future Martian potentate Elon Musk, is happy to oblige. What you’re about to see in Elon Musk’s Instagram post (seriously, follow all of his social media accounts) is the WARR Hyperloop team’s pod blasting through about 1.2km of tunnel at a near vacuum. The top ...[Read More]

Here’s a preview of that R16,000+ RED Hydrogen One phone

You might recall last month’s announcement by specialist camera maker RED revealing the existence of the RED Hydrogen One smartphone. The news wasn’t expected and was made all the stranger by one of the features supposedly coming to the $1,200 handset — a so-called holographic display. Well, we still haven’t seen how that works but RED have been taking the Hydrogen One for ...[Read More]

Cheaper mobile gaming: We take a closer look at Nintendo’s upcoming 2DS XL

Nintendo announced, a month back, that they would be launching yet another iteration of their 3DS mobile games console. Joining the 3DS, the 2DS, the New 3DS, and the 3DS XL will be the 2DS XL, a handheld that looks set to make up for the faults that the 2DS was saddled with. The handheld console is going to make its debut at the end of July this year but we managed to get our hands on a prototype...[Read More]

Meet the sun-powered smartphone you’ve probably never heard of

Today’s smartphones are probably the world’s biggest cause of panic attacks; when the unholy trinity of poor battery life, power-hungry apps and absence of power outlets come together, you’re basically screwed. Also: Eskom. Kyocera want to change that – but in an eco-friendly way. The Japanese company isn’t exactly a household name, specialising as it does in rugged phones ...[Read More]

Huawei’s battery tech can charge your phone up to 48%, in just five minutes

There’s no need for us to tell you the horrors of a dead battery before your night’s finished. With no apps at your disposal, you’re forced to manually call a taxi from a non-existent payphone, rather than just paging Uber for a pickup. Fast-charging tech like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3 – which manages to juice up handsets up to 80% in 35 minutes – go a long way to alleviate battery dra...[Read More]

Samsung’s Safety Truck lets you see upcoming hazards

If it was a little earlier in the year, we’d be convinced that this was some sort of April Fools joke but it’s the real deal – Samsung has designed a vehicle, called the Safety Truck, that lets you see right through it for upcoming hazards and oncoming traffic. The idea is to make it safer for drivers to overtake slow-moving trucks without swinging into a speeding BMW going in th...[Read More]

Google’s Project Ara planning pilot test this year as latest prototype shown off

Project Ara aims to shake up the way we buy smartphones, letting users swap physical modules to upgrade tech and replace damage – and it’ll reach the first wave of consumers later this year. Google showcased the latest version of the Ara prototype at the Project Ara Module Developers Conference, and shared some new details on how the process of buying and customizing your modular phone will ...[Read More]

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