That flashy concept mask Razer teased at CES? It’s actually being made


Over a year in pandemic living and it feels like masks, as essential as they still are, have become more of a fashion statement than anyone expected. As is the case with all things fashion, that’s just an excuse for companies to push whatever innovation they think people will lap up. Whether it’s LG’s admittedly cool PuriCare mask or… this thing that Razer has confirmed they’re actually making. Project Hazel, as it was titled back at CES when it was first revealed, is Razer’s attempt at scoring big in the high-end wearables market.

Honestly, we’re amazed that this thing is actually entering production. Project Hazel is an advanced facemask that comes equipped with disc-type ventilators, a microphone to project the wearer’s voice and even RGB lighting because of course it does. You think Razer’s designing something that doesn’t light up like a New York back alley? Although we’ll admit that one of the cooler features is the transparent shell that makes it easier to read lips, which will no doubt come in handy for a great many folks, hearing-impaired or not.


Saving your face with a Razer

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed that the company was going to begin developing Project Hazel in earnest during an interview with Yahoo Finance (which is weirdly still around and will probably be incorporated into a subscription service very soon). “We were thinking, this is a concept project and is this going to be relevant when vaccinations and everything has been rolled out,” said Tan. “We are going to proceed in making it a reality and ship the smart mask.”

It’s a bold move considering how much one of these things is likely to cost. The company hasn’t committed to any official pricing yet but we’ll be sure to keep you updated the second we find out. We guess this only makes sense, right? Smartwatch, Smart Fridge, Smart Glasses… Smart Mask was, like Thanos, inevitable.

Source: The Verge


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