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Why paper maps still matter in the digital age

Ted Florence is ready for his family trip to Botswana. He has looked up his hotel on Google Maps and downloaded a digital map of the country to his phone. He has also packed a large paper map. “I travel all over the world,” says Florence, the president of the international board of the International Map Industry Association and Avenza Maps, a digital map software company. “Everywhere I go, my rout...[Read More]

Yes, GPS apps make you worse at navigating – but that’s OK

Many of us have had the experience of arriving in an unfamiliar city and needing to get to a specific destination – whether it’s checking in at a hotel, meeting a friend at a local brewery, or navigating to a meeting on time. With a few clicks of the smartphone, the destination is inputted into a navigational app, with customized route preferences to avoid traffic, tolls and, in cities like San Fr...[Read More]

Waze is coming to Ford Sync 3 in April

Ford‘s Sync is one of the best in-car infotainment systems we’ve ever used. Waze is one of the best navigation apps thanks to its simple interface and crowd-sourced real-time alerts for accidents, roadblocks and other things that unexpectedly slow our journeys. So imagine our delight when we heard they’re combining forces. Waze will be available on Sync 3 from April this year. Th...[Read More]

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