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Facebook’s mind-reading tech, codenamed Moonshot, will let you type with your brain

Facebook envisions a future in which people will be able to type out words and send messages using only their minds with project Moonshot.

F8 roundup: Facebook’s promising privacy, redesigns and new hardware

This week at the F8 developer conference, we saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announce updates to the company's three core platforms, AI developments and VR.

Facebook’s ‘pivot’ is less about privacy and more about profits

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s latest promise is that his social media conglomerate will become a “privacy-focused” one. By turns lauded and lambasted, this move does not quite address users’ primary problems with the company.

Mark Zuckerburg promises a “privacy-focused” future for Facebook

We've gotten used to Facebook being rather terrible at anything like protecting user privacy, being transparent about ... most things, or keeping its promises. So we could be forgiven for being skeptical of Mark Zuckerburg's newest note to the internet, which claims that Facebook is looking towards a "privacy-focused" future for the social network. 

Finally, an affordable VR headset to (Oculus) Go

Watch out Ready Player One, Facebook might be planning a future mildly resembling yours. By making VR headsets more affordable, it could conceivably conquer the masses. Facebook didn’t pay $2 billion for Oculus on a whim, after all. At Facebook’s F8 keynote, Mark Zuckerberg enthusiastically announced that the Oculus Go will hit shelves soon. The headsets are already available on the official...[Read More]

Facebook updates community standards and will review past mistakes

“This post violates our community guidelines.” A prompt many people have experienced on our ‘favourite’ social media platform. These guidelines and policies have changed, and the enforcement thereof will soon be adapted and optimised by the Facebook Community Operations team. This week the embattled social media company decided to publish their internal guidelines, used to enforce community standa...[Read More]

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