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We’ve all grown to be hardened load shedding veterans, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy a little bit of help along the way. If you’re still finding South Africa’s rolling blackouts a nuisance more than anything, we’ve compiled our absolute must-have pieces of tech that bring you all the comfort of actually having power in
Once a year, a day rolls around that's dedicated to showing your significant other just how much you appreciate them. Maybe that includes conjuring up their favourite food, making a restaurant do it, or simply hitting up Uber Eats. Because you both deserve a night in sometimes. In some cases, there are flowers and chocolates

Coronavirus has certainly created a pandemic of fear. The entire planet’s media is gripped by coronavirus. It is right that there is deep concern and mass planning for worst-case scenarios. And, of course, the repercussions move from the global health sphere into business and politics.