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Six ways robots are used today that you probably didn’t know about

Your vacuum cleaner that you leave to do its job while you are away is a robot. It senses the world around it and makes driving decisions as it sucks and sweeps. But your washing machine is not a robot. You tell it how to wash when you select the cycle and it gets on with it. There are grey areas and the definition is debated, but let’s leave it there.

A baker’s dozen of the best documentaries you’ll find on Showmax today

South Africa, like much of the rest of the world, loves a little true crime every so often. Not enough to make the neighbours worried, just enough to scratch that non-fiction itch. In fact, the locals tend to like documentaries in general. (Source: We’re locals and we’re related to locals). So when there’s a list of available documentaries, we can’t help ticking off the ones we’d most like to watc...[Read More]

Seven myths of the social media age

The internet was expected to renew democracy, tackle the hegemony of the monopoly news providers and draw us all into a global community. Over the past six months, that idea has been undermined by a new myth which suggests that democracy is, in fact, being overturned by the spawn of the internet: Russian bots and fake news – and that news organisations are losing their power to keep people informe...[Read More]

Apple HomePod: Everything we know so far

2017 was the year that the smart speaker went properly mainstream, thanks mainly to the Google Home and Amazon Echo becoming household names. But one tech company with designs on controlling your smart home kit never made it to the party. Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, announced in 2017, was originally scheduled for a pre-Christmas launch, but has now slipped into 2018. That said, it’s a premium-p...[Read More]

Fit parade: the 11 best tips and tricks for your new Fitbit

We’ve been using Fitbits since 2009 – amazingly, they’ve been around almost as long as iPhones. Their world has changed a lot since those days. Fitbit is no longer just a way to get you off your backside by obsessing over your step count (although they’re pretty good for that too). It’s a whole lifestyle platform that can get you to retrain your brain to think, and be, more healthy in ...[Read More]

Home runs: The 11 best smart home gadgets of CES 2018

There’s no doubt about it: buoyed by the widespread adoption of Alexa and Google Assistant-equipped kit and flexible platforms like Samsung’s SmartThings and Apple’s HomeKit, smart home tech feels like it’s finally on the cusp of mainstream adoption. After a decade or so of languishing in the consumer tech background, connected home products are getting some proper time in the spotlight – and ther...[Read More]

Games Watch: the 5 best new games coming out in January 2018

Even during the slowest months of the year (January 2018, for example), you’ll find the release list stocked with literally hundreds of games across consoles, PC, and mobile. It’s madness. Given that, it can be easy to overlook some magnificent game releases amidst the stack, but worry not: we’re here to help. Games Watch points out the five biggest and brightest games on the imm...[Read More]

The 18 movies we’re most excited about in 2018

Even with the start of the year just weeks away, 2018 already looks stacked from a movie-going perspective. As well as the requisite Marvel and Star Wars flicks there are plenty of other big franchise releases already announced, plus a fair few lesser-known-but-probably-more-interesting movies too. We’ve collected all of 2018’s biggest movies here together with their latest trailers. S...[Read More]

The 30 most anticipated games of 2018

Well, 2017 truly lived up to our expectations: it’s been one of the best years that gaming has ever seen. But we’re an optimistic bunch, and we think 2018 can be even better. It’s true! Why? Well for starters, developers are flocking to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo itself has been delivering knockout experiences. Meanwhile, both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be well-s...[Read More]

The 15 best Mario games of all time

It’s been 36 years since Mario – first called “Jumpman” in those simpler days – first leapt into our hearts in the original Donkey Kong, and we’ve savoured nearly every moment since with the loveable action-plumber. He’s appeared in hundreds of games now, spanning all manner of genres, platforms, and styles, but Nintendo’s leading man has an incredible legacy fo...[Read More]

Which iPhone should you buy? – Apple has 8 phones on the market. Here’s how to choose

Looking for the peak iPhone experience today? Well, the iPhone X is where it’s at… but the iPhone 8 Plus is also excellent. And the iPhone 8 is pretty good, too. But that’s just the newest stuff: Apple still sells five other iPhone models from the last couple years, each offering a mostly-similar core experience with some key differences in size, power, camera quality, and other perks....[Read More]

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