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You can only buy Range Rover’s Virgin Galactic Astronaut Edition if you’re going to space

How far would you go in order to secure a limited edition... anything? Would you be willing to pay extra? Do something silly on camera? Travel large distances? Yeah, about that last one... Land Rover has an upcoming Range Rover dubbed the Astronaut Edition, a partnership with Virgin Galactic. The catch? You're going to have to sign up to travel to space if you want one of your very own. 

The LA Auto Show 2018 in pictures

The LA Auto Show is underway this week in, you guessed it, Los Angeles, and if we had to sum it up in two words they’d be “electric vehicles”. If we had to sum it up in six words, they’d be “electric vehicles: so hot right now”. Seriously. Just about every big manufacturer has an EV — or at the very least, a hybrid or three — to show off for the even...[Read More]

The new, even more luxurious Range Rover Evoque is coming to SA

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that the new Range Rover Evoque will come to South Africa. The luxury compact SUV is available in 2.0-litre diesel as well as petrol variations, and is a great companion for both outdoors and city-livin’ types — if you can bring yourself to take it off-road, that is, and risk a stone chipping its rather fetching exterior. You’ll likely recognise the Evoque, be...[Read More]

The Land Rover Explore is a phone as rugged as its namesake’s cars

Bullitt Group, the same company behind CAT’s rugged smartphones, has unveiled a new device designed in collaboration with Land Rover. Dubbed the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone it takes its design cues from the iconic Land Rover Discovery, and has all of the rough-and-tumble chops you’d expect from a phone carrying the Land Rover marque. The handset will be available for pre-order in ...[Read More]

Light Start – Windows Phone, vape-phone, Land Rover, 8UP, and SpaceX human delivery

Microsoft has an Android app to convince you to drop Android Man, there really is an app for everything, isn’t there? Microsoft have launched an Android app whose sole purpose seems to be nudging you in the direction of Windows Phone as a platform. The app, called AppComparison, takes a gander at your installed Android apps and then tells you which of those apps you’ll find on Windows ...[Read More]

Jags and Landies might get “bike sense” to curb accidents with two-wheelers

Jaguar Land Rover is using a combination of sound, light and physical stimuli – like a literal tap on the shoulder – to try and reduce accidents involving bicycles and motorcycles. The new technology is the result of research by the company into the best ways to alert drivers to hazards and prevent accidents with those on two wheels. The tech includes door handles that buzz when opening the door c...[Read More]

Land Rover developing Transparent Bonnet AR tech for its vehicles

It’s only a concept for now but Land Rover is busy developing an augmented reality (AR) technology for their vehicles that will all drivers to effectively see through their bonnets to the ground underneath – which would be handy for knowing where you’re about to put your tyres. They mean that literally, if the released concept images – one of which you can see above –...[Read More]

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