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Skyworth launches an ‘AI TV’ and we’re not convinced

Today Chinese TV maker Skyworth announced it’s launching a new range of Android TV-powered televisions in South Africa that it says include AI.

5G: what will it offer and why does it matter?

Never in the history of the mobile phone has there been so much hype about a new technology ahead of its launch than there is with 5G. It seems that the mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and equipment vendors are locked into a massive global game of one-upmanship, seeking to claim to be the first to achieve something groundbreaking with the technology. But the stakes are high – the mob...[Read More]

The quiet threat inside internet of things devices

As people increasingly buy and install smart devices in their homes, all those cheap interconnected devices create new security problems for individuals and society as a whole. The problem is compounded by businesses radically expanding the number of sensors and remote monitors it uses to manage overhead lights in corporate offices and detailed manufacturing processes in factories. Governments, to...[Read More]

CES 2019 thinks the next smart gadget you need in your home is a toilet

Okay, okay, we’re really trying to get through this without too much toilet humour. We promise, it’s the Number Two thing on our mind besides telling you about one of the odder trends for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Smart toilets are apparently going to be a thing, either for the critters that occupy our homes (pets, not kids or creepy crawlies) or for the larger bip...[Read More]

One reason people install smart home tech is to show off to their friends

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to smart homes? You’re not alone. While the idea of networked entertainment systems, automated security, mood lights and voice-controlled thermostats is popular, uptake of smart home technologies has been lower than anticipated. Some researchers say this is because of affordability and installation challenges. Others claim it’s because smart h...[Read More]

Fax machines and coffee pots – the surprising ways you could be hacked

Hopefully you protect your computers from cyber attacks. You might have anti-virus software on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You might avoid using them to visit suspicious websites and carefully protect your various login details. But it’s no longer just what we typically think of as computers that are connected to the internet and so at risk of cyber attacks. And if multiple devices are ...[Read More]

MTN demonstrates the possibilities of 5G with a drifting car

MTN gave a nail-biting demonstration at the Gerotek race track yesterday of the possibilities of 5G in the real world. In case you haven’t been paying attention, 5G is the next evolution in mobile data. We had 2G, then 3G, then 4G/LTE (though this one was a bit contentious, with the two becoming synonymous, even though LTE didn’t necessarily achieve textbook 4G speeds) and now we have ...[Read More]

4 ways internet of things toys endanger children

As Amazon releases an Echo Dot smart-home device aimed at children, it’s entering a busy and growing marketplace. More than one-third of U.S. homes with children has at least one “internet of things” connected toy – like a cuddly creature who can listen to and respond to a child’s inquiries. Many more of these devices are on the way, around the world and in North America specifically. These toys w...[Read More]

SqwidNet announces IoT contest for SA students

SqwidNet, a subsidiary of Dark Fibre Africa and the local licensed operator of French company Sigfox’s internet-of-things (IoT) solutions, has announced a competition open to South African university students — both undergrads and postgrads — with innovative IoT ideas. The winners will take home R20,000 and get to send one of their team to present their design in IoT Valley in To...[Read More]

Driverless cars are forcing cities to become smart

Autonomous vehicles are coming and they have the potential to radically better our lives. But to reap the rewards of this new technology, we first have to adapt the world to its requirements. This means preparing the way for massive engineering projects that will introduce the latest generation of mobile networks into our cities. As future autonomous vehicles become safer and more efficient, they ...[Read More]

With smart cities, your every step will be recorded

Modern cities are brimming with objects that receive, collect and transmit data. This includes mobile phones but also objects actually embedded into our cities, such as traffic lights and air pollution stations. Even something as simple as a garbage bin can now be connected to the internet, meaning that it forms part of what is called the internet of things (IoT). A smart city collects the data fr...[Read More]

Using blockchain to secure the internet of things

The world is full of connected devices – and more are coming. In 2017, there were an estimated 8.4 billion internet-enabled thermostats, cameras, streetlights and other electronics. By 2020 that number could exceed 20 billion, and by 2030 there could be 500 billion or more. Because they’ll all be online all the time, each of those devices – whether a voice-recognition personal assistant or a pay-b...[Read More]

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