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Light Start – Type-R lawnmower, an ancient Merc, the new iPhone, and space couture

Meet Honda’s Miimo Type-R lawnmower — for when you need to get it done quick Why is it always Honda with the weird lawnmowers? We’ve seen the souped-up riding mower that can destroy your BMW at the intersection and now there’s a little autonomous mower that owes something of its DNA to the Honda R-Type. And the Honda Fireblade, as there are two special-edition prototypes of...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Honda S2000, Steam removals, and a 3D hologram

Honda are supposedly bringing back the S2000, with a successor in development If you’ve been after a new Honda roadster then there may be some good news headed your way. The company is said to be resurrecting their S2000 two-seater, based on an apparent visit by Honda reps to an S2000 owner’s meeting in the UK. It’s mostly speculation at the moment but there’s talk of Honda...[Read More]

Honda’s Asimo robot becomes faster and smarter

Almost 15 years since Honda revealed Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, in case you were wondering), the robot’s latest upgrades have seen it gain an array of new abilities, along with an eerie, permanent smirk. And no wonder it’s smiling. Asimo’s physical improvements include new legs that laugh in the face of uneven terrain, walk backwards, hop and jump, and even run ...[Read More]

Meet Honda’s latest lawnmower (with a top speed of 215km/h)

Honda and British Touring Car Championships team Team Dynamics have gotten together to make a lawnmower that even guys without lawns will want to take for a spin. The company converted a Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor into something… a little more powerful. Like 215 kilometres per hour powerful. The lawnmower, titled the Mean Mower, can still cut grass but a spot of modification here and there ha...[Read More]

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