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Nokia reveals four new smartphones at MWC 2019, including the five-camera Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia's announced four new smartphones and one feature phone at its press conference at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, including a new flagship device with five rear cameras.

Stuffed Ep 08 – Patrick Henchie from HMD Global on Android Enterprise Recommended devices

Do you know what the Android Enterprise Recommended programme is? No? Neither did we. Which is why we got Patrick Henchie, head of product and operations for sub-Saharan Africa at HMD Global (the company behind Nokia’s revival as a phone maker), to come into the studio and talk us through it. We also talked about Nokia’s return to the minds (and pockets) of consumers, why Android One m...[Read More]

The first of Nokia’s new smartphones goes on sale today

HMD Global, the company behind the reinvigorated Nokia mobile brand announced a selection of new smartphones and feature phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, including feature phones the 8110 “banana phone” and the new sub-R1,000 Nokia 1, alongside its new Android-powered flagship, the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Now we’ve got timelines for when you’ll be ab...[Read More]

Nokia 1 launches in South Africa with Android Oreo Go Edition

Nokia is officially back and making waves in the mobile phone world. Last year we saw the return of the 3310, and more recently an updated version of the infamous banana-phone (or 8110, if you prefer the official name). On the “smarter” side of things, Nokia mobile’s parent company HMD Global has announced details of its entry-level smartphone, the Nokia 1. Though it’s a sm...[Read More]

Nokia goes retro again with the 8110 4G

This time last year Nokia stole the show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with an unlikely star, its updated version of the classic 3310. This year another retro-inspired handset for feature phone fans has been added to the Nokia lineup in the form of the 8110 4G. The original 8110 became iconic thanks in part to the 1999 movie The Matrix (while simultaneously inescapably dating the film). As...[Read More]

Nokia’s got four new smartphones, including the flagship Sirocco

Nokia’s second pass at harnessing nostalgia to boost brand recognition, the 8110 4G, may be grabbing headlines, but it’s the four new smartphones the company’s announced the day before Mobile World Congress 2018 kicks off in Barcelona that have us really excited, particularly the devices at the top and bottom of the pile. At the top there’s the Nokia 8 Sirocco, a flagship d...[Read More]

HMD Nokia announces new handset – the Nokia 7

Something tells us that HMD Nokia’s going to be sticking to numerical values for their smartphones for a while — the company has just revealed the Nokia 7, a new mid-range phone that sits… well, between the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 8. And in more ways than just the number order, too. The Nokia 6 sports a Snapdragon 430 CPU, the Nokia 8 has a Snapdragon 835, and the Nokia 7? ThatR...[Read More]

Old habits die hard: HMD Nokia teaming up with Zeiss optics again

If you cast your mind back to recent years and the biggest claims made by a smartphone camera, the Nokia 1020 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Possessed of a 41MP Carl Zeiss camera setup, this phone was camera overkill in its time and we thought that we might never see its like again. Except… Current Nokia makers HMD Global have announced that the brand will once again be part...[Read More]

Local pricing and availability for Nokia 5 and 6 confirmed

HMD Global, the company that’s resurrected the Nokia marque, has confirmed that the Nokia 5 will go on sale in South Africa on 28 June 2017 at a recommended retail price of R3,000. The Nokia 6 will follow in late July and cost R3,700. The Nokia 3 went on sale locally on 7 June for R2,000. While it’s the revamped Nokia 3310 that’s been grabbing headlines, we’re far more exci...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 03 – MWC 2017: Watches, phones and comebacks

In the third episode of Stuffed, Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson get comfy on the couch and discuss Mobile World Congress 2017 that went down in Barcelona recently and the various handsets and other gadgets that were unveiled during the conference — including Nokia’s headline-grabbing 3310 and Motorola’s impressive plans for its mods. Then they turn their attention to wristables, ...[Read More]

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