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Finding that “SA prices are high”, “lack transparency” latest salvo in war on costly data

The Competition Commission last week confirmed what all South Africans have been telling each other for years: the cost of cellular data is too high. Releasing a provisional report from its data services market inquiry, which has been dragging on since August 2017, the commission’s finding no doubt contributed to the fall of Vodacom and MTN shares. They said the convoluted pricing structured...[Read More]

Get double data with MTN’s “Double Your Bundle” promotion and save on OOB

From tomorrow, prepaid MTN users will receive up to double their data and voice top-ups. That’s in addition to the yellow one slashing their out-of-bundle data rates by up to 75% for prepaid users (it’s about time). The promotion will last until the end of March — long enough that maybe you’ll finally get what you pay for with data-bundles. First up, the data rate discount: MTN c...[Read More]

Get 50GB for R500 with Cell C’s Black Friday deal

Cell C has announced their Black Friday deals, and data prices may be falling for reals this festive season. From Friday, 23 November (aka the dreaded Black Friday), anyone can go to a Cell C store and buy a prepaid data SIM loaded with 50GB of data. These SIMs will cost R500, which means you’re just paying R10 per gig. “This is the perfect option for those going on holiday this festive season. Co...[Read More]

Data won’t fall yet, but at least it won’t expire

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has finally made a decision on the future of data for mobile users, and it is definitely looking up. The new regulations state that mobile data shouldn’t expire. Initially, the regulator’s draft regulation of data bundles proposed that data should expire in a tier-system depending on how much data was bought. For example:...[Read More]

Icasa’s proposal that data should not expire is a good move but more is needed

It’s not quite the #DataMustFall that people have been begging for, but telecoms regulator the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has given us #DataMustNotExpire. Icasa has published draft regulations in the Government Gazette stipulating new time frames for the expiry of data. This is a good step, and such proactivity should be rewarded. Cellular operators obviousl...[Read More]

Lowest earners spend up to 20% on airtime, while SA data is 16th out of 47 African countries

If you want to get anyone’s attention in South Africa these days, start a movement with a hashtag ending in “must fall”. That’s what has seemingly happened after years of protest about overly expensive cellular data have culminated with the #DataMustFall campaign Following innumerable complaints and public outcries, the tipping point appears to have been an impromptu tweet ...[Read More]

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