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Cloud, backup and storage devices: how best to protect your data

We are producing more data than ever before, with more than 2.5 quintillion bytes produced every day, according to computer giant IBM. That’s a staggering 2,500,000,000,000 gigabytes of data and it’s growing fast. We have never been so connected through smart phones, smart watches, laptops and all sorts of wearable technologies inundating today’s marketplace. There were an estimated 6.4 billion co...[Read More]

7 ways ShowMax is built for South Africa

From downloads to bandwidth capping, ShowMax is designed with the South African audience in mind. Launched little over a year ago, ShowMax internet TV has built up the largest collection of online entertainment on the continent and introduced a range of features to deal with some of the biggest concerns about streaming: expensive data and unreliable internet. Here’s how ShowMax, which costs R99 a ...[Read More]

Lowest earners spend up to 20% on airtime, while SA data is 16th out of 47 African countries

If you want to get anyone’s attention in South Africa these days, start a movement with a hashtag ending in “must fall”. That’s what has seemingly happened after years of protest about overly expensive cellular data have culminated with the #DataMustFall campaign Following innumerable complaints and public outcries, the tipping point appears to have been an impromptu tweet ...[Read More]

Pokémon Go has revealed a new battleground for virtual privacy

People have been lingering outside Boon Sheridan’s house all through the night. The designer lives in an old church in Massachusetts that has been designated a “gym” in the new smartphone game Pokémon Go. Because the game requires players to visit places in the real world, Sheridan now has to put up with people regularly stopping outside his building to play. It has got to the point where he has s...[Read More]

Google is now involved with healthcare data – is that a good thing?

Google has some of the most powerful computers and smartest algorithms in the world, has hired some of the best brains in computing, and through its purchase of British firm Deepmind has acquired AI expertise that recently saw an AI beat a human grandmaster at the game of go. Why then would we not want to apply this to potentially solving medical problems – something Google’s grandiose, even hyper...[Read More]

Data remains an expensive luxury in Africa but free internet may not come free

The greatest barrier to extending internet use in South Africa, and indeed in most African countries, is the cost of data. In South Africa one gigabyte of data on mobile networks – the only means of accessing the internet for most – is R149 (pre-paid). This means that for millions of people in the country data is a luxury. So when mobile operators start giving some of this valuable commodity for f...[Read More]

MTN’s new data bundles cut out-of-bundle rates and expire after 60 days

We love it when any mobile operator cuts rates, because it forces other operators to do likewise, even if not immediately. We love it even more when they make their bundles last longer and reduce the often ludicrously inflated out-of-bundle rates, designed to trip consumers up. With its new data packages, MTN has done both. The operator’s new high-denomination data bundles offer an out-of-bundle r...[Read More]

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