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Facebook appoints Adam Mosseri as the new head of Instagram

The company renowned for making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days, Facebook, has named Adam Mosseri the new head of Instagram. He succeeds founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who announced their departure earlier this month, amid rumours that ongoing clashes with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were largely to blame for their decision to leave the company they started. Before this p...[Read More]

How humans fit into Google’s machine future

In 1998, Google began humbly, formally incorporated in a Menlo Park garage, providing search results from a server housed in Lego bricks. It had a straightforward goal: make the poorly indexed World Wide Web accessible to humans. Its success was based on an algorithm that analyzed the linking structure of the internet itself to evaluate what web pages are most reputable and useful. But founders Se...[Read More]

Mini Meme: Pocket Security Guards

Keep your data safe from prying eyes and dodgy digits by locking yourself away in a darkened room and downloading some of these privacy and security apps.   1Password R45/month / Android, iOS If you’re the kind of person who ‘cunningly’ spells password with two 5s, it’s time to stop. 1Password creates insanely complex passwords and injects them into browsers so you don’t have to remember them...[Read More]

Cell C’s new LTE-A promo offers users data for less than R5/GB

We all know that data is pretty expensive if you’re a South African, mobile data even more than most, but Cell C is working on bringing those costs down at least a little. And, to be fair, a rate of less than R5 per GB for an LTE-A contract is… pretty cheap. Cell C has a new promotional offer running at the moment under their Data Democracy branding, offering users LTE-Advanced access ...[Read More]

Turning your health data into a “wellness score” might not be good for you

Cameras watch us almost everywhere we go. We know the internet tracks our searches and purchases, and our smartphones can be used to monitor our activities too. As sociologist David Lyon points out, “this is a culture of surveillance.” In this watched world, our data is compiled into products to be used by businesses, not only to discover what we buy, but to understand how we are doing financially...[Read More]

What if the companies that profit from your data had to pay you?

When it comes to digital privacy, there are plenty of organisations making money out of using your data – Google and Facebook are just two examples. But what if you were the one making the money? What if those organisations profiting from your data had to pay you a share of that earning? This idea – raised in a recent article in Quartz – is gaining ground. American author and law professor Eric Po...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 might ditch the fingerprint sensor for an iris scanner

Samsung is reportedly planning to ditch the fingerprint scanner on their next Tab release, but before you start yelling ‘security breach!’, hear them out… It’s almost certain the company will include its Intelligent Scan feature on the Galaxy Tab S4. The security feature makes use of an iris scanner and facial recognition tech at the same time, and is currently available on the Samsung Galax...[Read More]

Manage your mobile storage with Netflix’s Smart Download feature

It’s safe to say that the most desirable commodities in the Stuff offices are connectivity and space. If we don’t have the capacity to stream suspicious amounts of Rick and Morty in one sitting, we need loads of space in the shape of megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes, to store content to consume later on. Which may or may not include Rick and Morty. And this little treasure…  Netflix gets t...[Read More]

We don’t own data like we own a car – which is why we find data harder to protect

It’s known as the “privacy paradox”: people say they want to protect their data privacy online, but often do little to keep it safe. Why? We propose that it’s because people find data difficult to own – and things we don’t own, we tend not to protect. This is a question of psychological, not legal, ownership, which is more powerful in explaining why we care for things we call “mine”. Owning data i...[Read More]

What you can do to protect yourself online: The essentials

If you’re going to be using the internet, you need to behave as though it’s a terrible place with sketchy folks around every digital corner looking to cash in on your information. And once you’ve logged off Facebook, there are also unsavoury characters who are out to make more direct bank from the data that applies to you and yours. Here’s how to keep your precious deets, b...[Read More]

Managing the highs and lows of data overload

We live in a world with a lot of data. In fact, we’re bombarded by it. Estimates suggest that today we take in about five times as much information as we did 25 years ago, and that we process as much data in a day — approximately 34 gigabytes — as our 15th-century ancestors would have in their lifetimes. We tend to think of all that data as a rather cold and rational collection of numbers. Yet, on...[Read More]

Want data that doesn’t expire? Rain’s offering that already

The new kid on the mobile service provider block, LTE-A group Rain, has launched new promotional, unlimited mobile data deals that don’t expire. Because non-expiry of data is very cool in Icasa’s book. And it’s pretty cool in our book, too. Imagine buying a pack of Simba chips and once you’ve finished just half of it, someone from the Spar shows up at your house to take it ...[Read More]

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