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Go dark in Instagram now, if you want to

We’ve already seen a range of apps adopt the new look, like Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. Now Instagram has joined the dark forces.

Not to be left out of the gloom, Facebook is testing Dark Mode for Android

You can already do it in Facebook Messenger, now it looks as though the mobile Facebook app is the next to take a ride on the Dark Mode train. A leak, spotted by a reliable app researcher, shows that Facebook has begun implementing features that -- when completed -- will constitute a Dark Mode for the service

Enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger now by sending an emoji

Dark mode is finally rolling out on Facebook Messenger, and whether or not you’re a dark-mode enthusiast, you’re gonna want to enable it here.

New Facebook Messenger introduces more ‘simplicity’

Although the Facebook Messenger app is a convenient spot to fire up deep convos with just about anyone on your friends list, it’s a bit… chaotic. With a total of nine tabs and fancy ‘features’ no one really wants, we see ourselves coming back to conventional messengers, like WhatsApp and Telegram more often. Finally Facebook has come to their senses, and have announced an update to their confusing...[Read More]

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