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Light Start – The all-Marvel-at-Comic-Con edition

This week's Light Start is all about Marvel's announcements at the San Diego Comic Con -- buckle up, there are a bunch of 'em.

Cape Town Comic Con unofficially announced for 2020 (Update: Confirmed)

This weekend, Comic Con Cape Town was announced, quite unofficially. But if rumours turn out to be true, we'll see Cape Town's first Comic Con in 2020.

Marvel’s Spider-Man first impressions at Comic Con Africa

If you’re a Spidey fan in any way, make sure to get your hands on the new game by Insomniac, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The gameplay is fluid and beautiful to behold, and it’s the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you’re flying through the New York skyline without VR. Although Stuff will have a full review up soon, the short demo we got to play gave us the impression that gameplay with the ...[Read More]

Comic Con Africa 2018 in photos (and a video)

South Africa’s first Comic Con event kicked off at Kyalami Race Track and Convention Centre this morning, and there were plenty of punters waiting as the gates opened at 9am. We braved the traffic and got there early so we could snap a few pics of proceedings and get you excited… in the unlikely event you aren’t already. As we mentioned yesterday, the event is completely sold out...[Read More]

This is DC Universe, the super-streaming service

We would be lying if we told you we haven’t thought about a Marvel/DC crossover streaming service recently: The two universes finally putting their differences aside to provide entertainment for the good of man-(and streaming-)kind — not probable, though not completely outside of the realm of possibility either. And we’re already part of the way there.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 DC C...[Read More]

Cosplayers can win big at Comic Con Africa

Not only will South Africa play host to the first ever African Comic Convention this September, where attendees can rub shoulders with actors Jason Momoa and Kevin Sussman, but local cosplayers attending the event will have the chance to compete for some great prizes, including the chance to compete in an international cosplay competition in Chicago. Reed Exhibitions Africa, the company behind the...[Read More]

A comic book store owner at Comic Con Africa? Makes sense to us

The first African Comic Convention is almost due (okay, it’s only in September, but we’re excited) and Reed Exhibitions Africa has just announced the addition of Kevin Sussman — the quirky comic bookstore owner Stuart Bloom in Big Bang Theory — to their list of celebrity guests attending Comic Con Africa 2018. After seeing this strange comic store-dweller interacting with his geeky cou...[Read More]

Pokémon Go updates to usher in tons of new features

Already getting bored of Pokémon Go? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that its developer has big plans for future updates. At the Pokémon Go panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Niantic CEO John Hanke let fly with some tasty tidbits of fresh information. The huge success of the title had seen the panel upgraded from its original venue to the massive Hall H. Everyone, it seems, wants to know ...[Read More]

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