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InDriver, the set-your-own-fare ride service, has launched in Joburg

There's a new ride-hailing service in Johannesburg, and it lets you negotiate your fare with the driver.

Taxify, ahem, Bolt wants a bite of the food delivery market

Bolt, the recently rebranded ride-hailing platform, is planning to launch its food delivery system soon -- somthing that could come in handy once load shedding hits again.

Ride-hailing service Taxify is going green, will now be called Bolt

Taxify, the ride-hailing platform, has decided to rebrand and disassociate itself from the traditional combustion engine and call itself Bolt.

Light Start – BMW’s Spyder and HUD, Chev’s Bolt, and Apple’s app holiday

BMW’s CES 2016 i8 Spyder concept is what daydreams are made of If you’re any kind of BMW fan, and we know that the company has their fans in South Africa, then you’re going to want to check out the BMW i8 Spyder concept that BMW have cooked up for CES 2016. It’s not so much a car as it is a showcase of upcoming vehicle technology, though it’s been packaged in a doorle...[Read More]

South Africans some of the first to get Instagram’s Bolt

More often than not South Africa gets left treading water in the backwaters when international services roll out new features in waves, but not this time. Without much fanfare, image- and video-sharing service Instagram has rolled out its instant messaging app, Bolt, for Android and iOS in only three regions: South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore. Bolt requires a user’s mobile phone number durin...[Read More]

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