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Facebook is a teenager tone deaf to its self-centred destructiveness. Also, happy birthday

Turning 15 is a drag. Just ask any teenager about this most awkward age of life and the pain of living through it. Imagine then that you’re Facebook. Last week as the largest social media network reached this milestone it seemed every bit the gangly kid trying to look cool while being beset by angst and self-doubt. And being hated by the rest of the class.

Bitcoin turns ten – here’s how it all started and what the future might hold

A mysterious, anonymous entity known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” posted a white paper on October 31 2008 entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. It was the first time that the concept of Bitcoin entered the world. But outside of the cypherpunk mailing lists – those promoting the use of privacy-enhancing technology – this event was hardly noticed. Ten years on, who hasn’t at least hear...[Read More]

What 40 years of Space Invaders says about the 1970s – and today

The Space Invaders arcade video game, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is an iconic piece of software, credited as one of the earliest digital shooting games. Like many early games, it and its surrounding myths showcase the cultural collisions and issues current at its creation by Japanese game designer Tomohiro Nishikado. As a game designer and teacher of games, I know how meaning is carried fro...[Read More]

Last week’s anniversary a reminder that mobile internet was propelled by the iPhone

Ten year ago last Thursday Steve Jobs stood on a stage in San Francisco and told a thrilled audience the most famous of his “one more thing” lines. It was the iPhone. And it changed everything. The world has never been the same again. The internet moved from our desktops to our pockets. It took on a centrality in our lives that we could never have imagined when we were thrilling at how...[Read More]

Ranked: Every iPhone in order of greatness

Every iPhone has been a great iPhone – and nearly all of them have been excellent. Love ’em or hate ’em, Apple knows how to make fantastic devices. So, 10 years after the first model launched, how to rank them? If we merely lined up the 15 distinct models in order of excellence the list would end up just being a chronological affair from oldest to newest, with the possible exception of...[Read More]

Understanding the real innovation behind the iPhone

When the iPhone emerged in 2007, it came with all the promise and pomp of a major Steve Jobs announcement, highlighting its user interface and slick design as key selling points. We know now that the iPhone transformed the mobile phone business, the internet economy and, in many ways, society as a whole. But technically speaking, the iPhone was not very innovative.[Read More]

Let’s travel back in time ten years to the original iPhone keynote

2007 was an interesting time. South Africa was yet to embrace the madness that was load shedding, several (for some odd reason, probably money) popular music artists hadn’t appeared on the scene yet, dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Steve Job, who was still around, had yet to utter the words “And one more thing” in relation to a phone. All of that changed on 9 January 2007, when th...[Read More]

Nokia had the world’s best smartphone – then came the ‘inferior’ iPhone

Ten years ago, anyone who wanted the latest and best smartphone was excited about the Nokia N95. Launched at the Nokia Open Studio in September 2006, it was trumpeted as the all-in-one multimedia computer and went on to achieve sales of a million handsets within the UK in its first year. On paper, it had everything a gadget-lover could desire, including a 2.6-inch LCD screen, a 5-megapixel camera ...[Read More]

Celebrate 20 years of Lara Croft with the PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer

Timed exclusives are a funny thing. Take Rise of the Tomb Raider, which debuted last year on the Xbox One as an exclusive. The PlayStation 4 release was delayed as a result but… But for those who have waited, the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider looks to be the one to get. If the 20 Year Celebration trailer (yup, Lara Croft is 20 years old) is anything to go by, Sony console ...[Read More]

Duke Nukem is turning 20 and there’s something afoot for the anniversary

Come get some! In about four days and fourteen hours, that is. Duke Nukem, a video game relic from an older time and holder of the all-time “It’s Not Vapourware” record, is set to turn 20 a little later this week. So, of course, there’s a party or something planned, with a countdown clock on the website being timed for what looks like Gearbox Software’s PAX West panel...[Read More]

Windows 10 one year on: it’s evolving but privacy still a concern

This week marks one year since the launch of what is arguably Microsoft’s most ambitious – and possibly most controversial – operating system: Windows 10. Windows 10 represents a fundamentally different approach compared to the earlier versions of Windows that many of us have used, such as the highly popular Windows 7. One of the things that made Windows 7 so successful was that it represented the...[Read More]

R275,000 isn’t too much to pay for a Super Mario Bros. watch, right?

We’ve met the occasionally Nintendo super-fan but never somebody quite this dedicated to the Japanese gaming company’s mascot. According to watch blog A Blog to Watch, Swiss timepiece company Romain Jerome is going to be launching a special-edition Super Mario Bros. wristwatch, in association with Nintendo. The wristwatch will be launching before the end of this year, so that it’...[Read More]

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