Sennheiser goes retro for its 75th birthday with some limited edition HD 25 cans


Want to feel old? Audio specialists Sennheiser are turning 75, meaning they’ve been around since 1945. That’s one heck of a history when it comes to tech, where companies sometimes count their life-spans in months (in which case, it might blow your mind to realise that Nintendo is 131 years old this year).

To celebrate, Sennheiser has released a special edition of its iconic HD 25 headphones. They haven’t changed from the same, amazingly-detailed headphones first released 32 years ago — they’ve just got a new colour scheme. That’s yellow for the earcups, inspired by Sennheiser’s (also iconic but super-retro) HD 414 ‘phones.

Lucky packet

If you want a pair of the limited edition HD 25s, you might just get your shot. The company is making 25,000 sets with the unusual yellow ear cups but you can’t specify that you want it. Buyers who are after the regular old HD 25 headphones may (or may not) find that they’re shipped a limited edition set instead of the standard cans.

The good news is that Sennheiser intends to make its anniversary-present headphones available globally, so you’ve got as much a chance of getting your hands on something special if you order them in South Africa as you might order it from overseas. The only catch? You have to order them in June.

If you want a pair here, they’ll set you back R3,600 — though hopefully, we’ll also see the international price drop this side of the ocean. Even if the price doesn’t come down… hey, there’s a reason they’ve been on sale since 1988.


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