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Oracle can’t copyright Java APIs – Judge

The legal issues between Google and Oracle are still moving along, with the most recent ruling settling a question that was left unanswered earlier on in the proceedings. Judge William Alsup ruled yesterday, regarding the 37 Java APIs in question, that they were not subject to copyright protection, something that a jury had been unable to decide on when they ruled in Oracle’s favour early la...[Read More]

ACTA treaty hits more European opposition

The ACTA treaty (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), which  was initially expected to be approved by the European parliment, has faltered in that region with several countries delaying ratification or expressing doubts about the treaty following protests. ACTA suffered further setbacks today when it was rejected by three committees in the European Parliament. The three committees were: the legal...[Read More]

Do you need a Twig for your iPhone?

A new Kickstarter from Jason Hilbourne has a nifty idea for your iPhone and, for the low funding target of $50,000, he will make it available. Called the Twig, this portable device can act as a tripod, charger and chord wrap for an iPhone thanks to its flexible design. The Twig consists of three bendable legs that can be configured into a tripod or stand for an iPhone, allowing users to set up the...[Read More]

Publishers finally respond to DOJ/ebook suit

A suit was filed by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in April this year against Apple and several publishers alleging that they had conspired to set ebook prices. Apple responded almost immediately, while three of the publishers settled with the DoJ.The two remaining publishers in the suit, Penguin and Macmillan, have now responded to the accusations. Part of Penguin’s reply to the charges...[Read More]

SA gaming industry now worth R1.7 billion

The global gaming industry is big and the South African market only makes up a small proportion of it but the local market is certainly growing. A recent statement from online retailer has put the value of South Africa’s gaming industry at R1.7 billion for 2011, a number that has been steadily increasing.’s category manager for games Ramone Pickover has said, ...[Read More]

New waterproof Sony smartphones announced

Sony has announced the launch of two new handsets, the Xperia Go and Xperia Acro S, which are both scratch resistant “…meet industry standard IP ratings (International Protection) for protection against dust and water immersion.” The Xperia Go will feature a 480 x 320 3.5″ Reality Display, 5 megapixel camera, 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and will launch with Andr...[Read More]

Facebook’s value has dropped 40%

Facebook’s stock has dropped even further by opening yesterday at $28.84, a far cry from its $38 per share price when the social network’s IPO launched less than two week’s ago. The valuation for the company has dipped as a result, from $104 billion at the launch of the IPO to a little under $62 billion. The latest drop in the share price has been blamed on options trading, with ...[Read More]

Google announces new Chromebook, available now

Google has announced the “next step” in Chrome OS will be a new Chromebook that is being made available through Samsung and a new device called a Chromebox that is intended to function as a desktop machine. The new Samsung Chromebook model and the Chromebox share most system specs, having an Intel Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 for the Chromeboo...[Read More]

Dell Windows 8 tablet specs leak

The specs for Dell’s first attempt at a Windows 8 tablet have leaked and they are… mostly unimpressive. The tablet will reportedly be launching with a 10.1″ display, a resolution of 1366 x 768, 2GB of DDR2 RAM (800MHz) and up to 128MB of SSD storage. It will also feature dual cameras (2 and 8 megapixel front and rear), Intel integrated graphics and a load of optional security add...[Read More]

Flame malware targeting Middle-Eastern systems

A new form of malware has been discovered targeting systems based in the Middle-East, which it has apparently been doing since 2010. The complex virus appears to be state-sponsored, according to Kaspersky Labs, but they have been unable to determine which state is responsible for it. The entire virus package exhibits backdoor, Trojan and worm-like features and is reportedly similar to the Duqu and...[Read More]

M.I.T.’s Smart Sand project looks to create object-replicating robots

An M.I.T. team led by Professor Daniela Rus have created a project called Smart Sand. While still in its infancy, the project aims to create little robots that could be placed into a container with an object where they would detect the shape of that object and then replicate it. At the moment the Smart Sand is closer to being smart cubes, which measure 12mm on a side. It is only capable of replica...[Read More]

Sharp’s new phone detects… radiation?

We’re all used to seeing new features for cellular phones but Sharp has come up with something else entirely. The company is releasing its Pantone series of handsets in Japan and one of the listed features is the ability to detect radiation. The Android 4.0 phones will be able to detect between .005 and 9.99 μSv/h of radiation, though the company points out that the function is “non-co...[Read More]

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