Meet Dyson’s V15 Detect, a new vacuum cleaner with a laser sight


Have you ever thought that your vacuum cleaner needs a techie upgrade? Some kind of performance buff? An accuracy boost, perhaps? Well, if you haven’t, Dyson’s made a high tech hoover for you anyway.

Laser-focused cleaning

The new flagship, called the V15 Detect is an addition to Dyson’s line of cordless cleaners. Aside from boasting a dependable 60 minute run time and a motor spinning at 125,000rpm generating “the most powerful suction of any other cordless vacuum”, the V15 Detect is kitted out with the vacuum cleaner equivalent to a laser sight.

The vacuum’s head uses a broad, green laser that detects dust and dirt, lighting them up so you can see just how dirty your floor has become since its last clean. Whether this is specifically to help you find every speck of debris in your house or just to guilt you into cleaning more vigorously is unknown. Perhaps it’s a healthy mix. Either way, your floor ends up cleaner, so you come out on top.

Aside from the laser, the V15 Detect also features an LCD display atop the handle displaying handy information like remaining battery life, and even in-depth analyses of the dust particles you’ve been sucking up. Another new addition is an acoustic piezo sensor, which detects vibrations and frequencies of dust particles to measure their size and quantity and so on. This info is relayed to the LCD screen and also to the vacuum’s motor, which then adjusts its power accordingly.

Whether all of this is entirely necessary to your vacuuming experience is up to you, but it’s objectively pretty cool. Unfortunately, the V15 Detect doesn’t appear on Dyson’s SA website yet, but Dyson’s previous top model, the V11 does, which kindles hope that we may get the laser-guided cleaner locally soon.

Source: The Verge


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