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A vintage Nikon lens for the price of an expensive car

If you’re serious about your photography and have somewhere in the region of R1.2 million to burn on a lens then Grays of Westminster might have just what you are looking for. The London camera store only deals in Nikon products and store co-founder Gray Levett recently uncovered a Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens which has a viewing angle of 220º and a price tag of R1,260,000 (£100,000). Not b...[Read More]

Wiki’s Jimmy Wales – “Hollywood will be destroyed and no one will notice”

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said that Hollywood will eventually go the same way as the dead-tree edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which was recently shuttered for good following a drop in sales. Wales was giving a keynote address at the INET convention in Geneva when he made his prediction, saying “Hollywood will be destroyed and no one will notice. Collaborative storytelling an...[Read More]

Planetary Resources wants to mine asteroids

Planetary Resources, the startup that is being backed by Google’s Larry Page,  Eric Schmidt, and filmmaker James Cameron, has got designs on outer space. Specifically, mining asteroids for resources though exact specifics have been veiled in secrecy for the most part since news broke on the company last week. University of Arizona planetary-science professor John S. Lewis, speaking to the Wa...[Read More]

Dropbox facing opposition, launches new services

Dropbox might be in for some heavy competition. There are rumours that Google will be launching Google Drive this week and Microsoft has just announced new apps for its Skydrive service that will put it into competition with Dropbox. Changes to Microsoft’s Skydrive have seen the synced storage space being lifted to 7GB, with paid options for more space. This is actually a drop in overall sto...[Read More]

Confirmed: Facebook to buy AOL patents from Microsoft

Last week there were reports that Microsoft was looking to get rid of some of the patents the Redmond company acquired from AOL in a $1 billion deal and that Facebook was interested in those patents. Microsoft have since confirmed that Facebook will be purchasing some 650 patents and patent applications from Microsoft, for the sum of $550 million. In addition the social network company will be get...[Read More]

Is the next handset feature going to be terahertz x-ray vision?

Electrical engineers at the University of Texas in Dallas are working on new technology that might confer upon cellular phones the ability to see through walls. Dr. Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering at UT Dallas, and his team have apparently made some scientific advances that could see handsets doing just that. The team have hit on a way to get CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semicond...[Read More]

USA gets mobile share data in near real-time

The mobile usage share war between Android, iOS and everyone else is a constant feature of tech news and residents of the States (and the rest of the world) have now got a go-to place for up-to-date stats in the form of Chitika, a data analytics firm. The firm has launched a new site that keeps track of mobile dominance and updates it almost in real time. There is a six hour delay for the rolling ...[Read More]

South African iPad pricing finalised

Local Apple distributors Core Group have announced the final recommended retail prices for the new iPad, which is set to release in South Africa on 27 April. Apple fans will be looking at paying R4,999 for the 16GB ‘new iPad’ (or iPad 3) with WiFi only, R5,999 for the 32GB version and R6,999 for the 64GB model. The WiFi + 4G variant will carry an RRP of R6,299, R7,299 and R8,299 for th...[Read More]

Mozilla phone due late 2012

Phones running an operating system created by Firefox developers Mozilla will be launching in late 2012, according to reports. The devices will be first released in Brazil and will be running Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko (B2G) OS according to Brazilian tech site Ztop. Brazilian carrier Telefonica Vivo will be offering the handsets to consumers but there will apparently be little difference in pri...[Read More]

Microsoft may offload most AOL patents, Facebook might be interested

According to a Bloomberg report Facebook was in the bidding for a portfolio of patents being sold off by AOL before they were outbid by Microsoft. Microsoft’s $1.06 billion bid secured 800 new patents for the company but, according to an unnamed source in the report, Microsoft will be selling off the majority of these. Apparently the company does not see all of them as essential to its curre...[Read More]

Apple may be planning to make a product Steve Jobs canned

The rumour that Apple will be releasing a smaller iPad has resurfaced this week, mostly originating from reports via China, South Korean and Taiwan. These reports are fuelling speculation, which Apple has thus far declined to comment on, that the smaller iPad may be a reality. The same smaller iPad that Steve Jobs was adamantly opposed to in 2010, saying “The 7-inch tablets are tweeners, too...[Read More]

IBM working on lithium-air electrical vehicle battery

You may not know it but in addition to patenting new floors IBM have been working on a lithium-air electrical vehicle (EV) battery since 2009. The company has just announced that two other companies, Asahi Kasei and Central Glass, will be joining their Battery 500 Project. The goal of the project is to “accelerate the switch from gasoline to electricity as the primary power source for vehicl...[Read More]

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