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Microsoft SoundWave – like Kinect without a camera

Microsoft’s Kinect has been used for multiple applications outside of the gaming arena but now Microsoft researchers have come up with a very similar concept motion-sensing concept that discards the whole camera detection thing in the process. Microsoft Research recently unveiled SoundWave, a system that has some of the functionality of Kinect but with none of the additional hardware. It wor...[Read More]

Jury finds that Google infringed Oracle’s copyright but it is not over yet

A jury yesterday determined that Google infringed on Oracle’s Java copyrights with the Android OS but they were unable to come to a unanimous decision whether Google’s infringement was protected by fair use laws. The ruling has been called a partial victory for Oracle but it is likely that there will be a longer wait to see whether Google will be held liable for the infringement. Googl...[Read More]

Rumoured changes in the next iPhone iteration

The rumour mill churns ever onwards and speculation on the next iPhone is the subject of a lot of interest but some recently leaked information has pointed towards a slightly larger, slimmer iPhone. According to a source that has previously proved to be reliable Apple’s next iPhone will be sporting new dimensions of 125 x 58.5 x 7.4mm, a change of 10mm in height  and a 2mm thinner profile ov...[Read More]

iPad accounts for nearly 95% of tablet internet traffic

According to a study done by online advertising network Chitika, the company that recently released near-real-time updates for mobile operating system market share, the iPad is outstripping the competition in terms of usage. According to Chitika the iPad is accounting for 94.64% of internet traffic on tablets while its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, only uses up 1.22% of the overall total...[Read More]

Instagram releasing the Instagram Snap

According to a video, originally revealed by an episode of On The Verge, Instagram have taken some of that $1 billion payout from Facebook’s purchase and used it to develop a camera called the Instagram Snap. The camera, which looks a lot like the Instagram logo in three dimensions, will have all of the functionality of the original app but will function like an old-school Polaroid camera by...[Read More]

Disney researchers putting gesture recognition on everyday objects

The Disney Research Hub, along with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, are working on adding touch sensitivity to objects that are interacted with on a daily basis including doorknobs, tables, the human body and even liquids. The system, which they call Touché, makes use of a Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that recognises multiple touch configurations by measuring across se...[Read More]

‘Bionic eye’ microchip restoring sight to the blind

Two men have had their eyesight partially restored following the implanting of a 3mm microchip behind their retina. The operations took place at London’s Oxford Eye Hospital and King’s College Hospital and the two men, Chris James and Robin Millar, regained the ability to see light and some shapes once the chips were activated following the procedure. The chip used in the trial operati...[Read More]

Yahoo board to examine CEO’s credentials following “inadvertent error”

Yahoo’s board of directors will  be reviewing the academic qualifications of CEO Scott Thompson after the founder of hedge fund Third Point, Daniel Loeb, accused Thompson of padding his qualifications. Yesterday Loeb wrote a letter to Yahoo’s board saying that current CEO Thompson “embellished his academic credentials” by claiming to hold bachelor’s degrees in compute...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 unveiled at last

The speculation is over. Samsung revealed the Galaxy S3 handset yesterday at a launch event held in London, saying that the device would be available in Europe from the end of May before rolling out to the rest of the world. All of the hardware specs were also made official at yesterday’s launch. The Galaxy S3 features an Exynos 1.4GHz quad-core processor that is based on ARM’s Cortex ...[Read More]

TSMC pushes ARM mobile chip to 3.1GHz

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced yesterday that they have managed to take a 28nm ARM Cortex-9 dual-core test chip to 3.1GHz under what they have called “typical conditions.” This is almost unheard-of territory for an ARM processor and could see ARM shifting into more high-performance spheres.The TSMC 28nm HPM (high performance for mobile applications) pro...[Read More]

Android malware making the rounds

Android users have got a little malware to worry about. A new Trojan, called “NotCompatible” aimed at the Android OS is infecting devices via infected websites. Security company Lookout claims that this Trojan is the first to use infected websites to target Android and believes that the malware could be used to break into private networks. NotCompatible works by automatically downloadi...[Read More]

Microsoft retiring Windows Live brand

Microsoft will be retiring the Windows Live branding for their products and services with the launch of Windows 8, saying that “Windows Live services and apps were built on versions of Windows that were simply not designed to be connected to a cloud service for anything other than updates, and as a result, they felt “bolted on” to the experience.” The company feels that Liv...[Read More]

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