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FTC gives Facebook’s Instagram acquisition the all-clear

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given Facebook the go-ahead to complete the company’s acquisition of Instagram. This follows clearance being given by  the U.K. Office of Fair Trading a little over a week ago. A spokesman for the FTC said during the announcement that Facebook has no antitrust reviews pending before the organisation. The decision to approve the transaction was take...[Read More]

LG confirms mass production of in-cell touchscreen, may be destined for iPhone 5

LG Display has confirmed that the company began mass-producing its new in-cell touchscreens earlier this month. There are apparently no problems being experienced with the production of the new screens, which are widely speculated to form part of Apple’s new iPhone. CEO of LG Display Han Sang-beomaid yesterday that “We just began mass production and we don’t expect any disruption...[Read More]

IBM working on two ways to make solar power cheaper

IBM is working on two methods for making solar power cheaper, with the eventual goal of making it more affordable than using fossil fuels. A report from Ars Technica where they visited BM’s Watson research centre has revealed some more information on how IBM is trying to accomplish this and neither of the methods use silicon, the main material used in solar panels. IBM’s alternatives t...[Read More]

Sony shutting down Studio Liverpool

It has been confirmed today that Sony will be shuttering one of its gaming studios based in the UK. Studio Liverpool, formerly known as Psygnosis, which is known for the WipeOut series of games will be closed in its entirety. Originally reports were only speculating on the closure but Sony has since confirmed that reports are accurate. A portion of Sony’s statement reads: “It has been ...[Read More]

US authorities seize three Android app websites for alleged copyright infringement

In a first for mobile applications, US authorities have announced that they have seized three websites that are alleged to have been distributing illegal copies of Android apps. As part of a coordinated effort involving the FBI, the US Justice Department, several US courts and law enforcement from the Netherlands and France three domains were seized. The domain names,, a...[Read More]

The Oatmeal’s Tesla crowdfunding project hits its goal with a month to spare

Matthew Inman, who runs the The Oatmeal website, last week put up a fundraising project on crowdfunding site Indiegogo called Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum. Inman has always been a huge fan of Nikolai Tesla and the project was intended to help a non-profit organisation to purchase the site of Tesla’s last lab, Wardenclyffe, which is located in Shoreham, New York. The sum...[Read More]

Facebook’s stock falls to half of IPO value

Earlier this week Facebook’s value slid below half of that of the company initial public offering, cutting Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune in half in the process. On Monday Facebook dipped to its lowest price since the almost-botched IPO, which set shares at $18.75 each. The latest drop in the company’s value comes thanks to the ending of a lock-up period which allowed some of the comp...[Read More]

Acer announces Liquid Gallant, Liquid Gallant Duo Android handsets

Acer has announced two new Android handsets from the company, the Liquid Gallant and the Liquid Gallant Duo. The two entry-level smartphones are identical in almost all respects aside from the Duo featuring dual sim card support. The Gallant phones will both feature identical 1GHz processors, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The displays are 4.3″ qHD LCD capacitive touchscreens and th...[Read More]

From Israel comes WiFi-enabled donkeys

According to Times of Israel the northern town of Hoshaya will be installing WiFi access on the donkeys that it uses for Talmudic-era amusement village Kfar Kedem. Kfar Kedem (which means Village of Yore according to the report) lets visitors experience a re-enactment of First and Second century Judean life and manager Menachem Goldberg has decided to offer WiFi access on the donkeys that form par...[Read More]

Microsoft kicks off Windows 8 Upgrade Offer, limited to new purchases

Windows fans who purchase or have purchased a Windows 7 system between 2 June this year and 31 January 2013 can sign up now for a reduced price upgrade of their OS to Windows 8 Pro (Upgrade). Users who buy/have bought a Windows 7 system between the dates above can sign up for the Windows Upgrade Offer which nets those users a pre-order discount of sorts. An upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will cost eligi...[Read More]

Apple officially the most valuable public company ever

Apple has officially become the most valuable public company ever thanks to last week’s valuation of the company, which put it past the $600 billion mark, and an increase in the company’s stock yesterday that put the company at over $623 billion. Apple’s shares yesterday were trading at a high of $664.74, putting the company’s value beyond Microsoft’s peak of $616.3 b...[Read More]

Apple, Samsung CEOs to talk today regarding ongoing patent suit – report

According to a Bloomberg report, which which cites a person “familiar with the matter”, Samsung’s CEO will be contacting Apple’s head in order to try and find some resolution to the ongoing case which has seen both companies accusing the other of infringing on several patents. Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun is said to be having a telephone conversation with Apple’s Tim ...[Read More]

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