Most M1X Apple MacBook Pro specs leak ahead of the upcoming Unleashed event


Apple runs a very tight ship, though even the very tightest are bound to leak every now and again. Details of the company’s new M1X MacBook Pro models, widely expected to be announced at next week’s event, have surfaced online.

Twitter must be where all the cool kids hang out because they always seem to know what’s up. @dylandkt, an iOS developer and Apple analyst, has dropped a series of details surrounding Apple’s new M1X MacBook Pros.

What makes an M1X MacBook Pro?

About the only thing missing from the leaks is just how much speedier Apple’s making its new Pros. There are set to be 14in and 16in versions, both packing mini-LED displays. Dylan says that Apple was testing 120Hz displays, but is unable to confirm when that will launch or which models it’ll turn up on. Maybe it’s now, maybe it’ll only be next year.

Apple’s apparently shrinking its bezels, chucking in a 1080p web cam and will start its Pros off with at least 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage — which sounds like a grand idea for what’s supposed to be the company powerhouse. It’ll crank the price up, but there apparently won’t be too much difference (in the States) between the two sizes in terms of cost.

Also coming? A new charge brick, an HDMI port, an SD card slot and support for a MagSafe charger, apparently. All of which would be great to see on the Pro, but it would represent quite a deviation from Apple’s ongoing minimalism.

At least we don’t have to wait too long to find out if these rumours are true — Apple’s M1X MacBook Pros should be revealed to the world on 18 October. Stuff will be watching what the company has to say, live, as usual.


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