Apple and Samsung’s rumoured OLED screen deal might be dead in the water


Apple iPad mainEarlier this year, rumours floated around concerning Apple and Samsung teaming up for an OLED iPad screen — something fans of the American brand have been clamoured for. Samsung was a logical choice, given the quality of the company’s smartphone and tablet displays. But…

It seems like plans might have changed, which casts doubt on Apple finally launching an OLED iPad. 2022 was supposed to be the year we finally saw an OLED iPad Air, followed by OLED-packing iPad Pro models in 2023.

Apple picking again?

The original plan was for Apple and Samsung to pair up to produce a 10.83in OLED panel that would be used for an iPad Air, followed by 11in and 12.9in OLED panels for the company’s iPad Pro models. Current reports out of South Korean indicate that the deal may be off, for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. It’s suspected that the issue comes in with how Samsung makes its panels — the company uses a single stack structure to create its panels.

Apple, however, supposedly wants a two stack tandem structure, which stacks two RGB transmission layers on top of each other, which is supposed to result in a brighter, more durable panel. But Samsung doesn’t make its OLED screens this way, and it would have to invest significantly in order to create them. The deal may have fallen apart because Samsung’s not willing to take the financial risk until it’s certain that Apple will purchase enough of them to make the investment worthwhile.

LG Display currently makes two stack OLED displays for the automotive industry, and that’s a possible avenue for the iPad maker to take, but it’s unlikely that LG is able to produce the volumes required to supply the entire iPad Air production run. At present, unless someone either a) starts up or b) expands production of very specific OLED panels, an OLED iPad appears to still be a long way off.

Source: SamMobile


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