Netflix launches free mobile subscription in Kenya


How does a free sub to Netflix sound? Probably fairly good, especially if you’re spending hundreds on a variety of subscription services per month. Well, Netflix has announced that it’s rolling out a free mobile subscription option in Kenya starting today. 

According to a blog post, the new free tier will allow Android users (unfortunately iOS users will miss out this time) the ability to stream some of its original content ad-free. 

Netflix gets generous in Kenya

Users have to comply with a few basic prerequisites, like being over 18 and living in Kenya. The streaming service won’t even require payment information upfront when users sign up.

“All you have to do is enter your email, confirm you are 18 or over and create a password. Then you can sit back and watch many of Netflix’s most popular series and films, as well as enjoy our personalized recommendations, parental controls, and profiles (including kids),” the blog post details. 

Of course, there will be a few restrictions — you’re not paying for some premium content, so it’s expected. Users on the free tier won’t be able to make use of the download for offline viewing feature on their Android devices. They also won’t have access to the full content library. 

Under the available content are Netflix originals, including Blood & Water, Bridgerton and Army of the Dead.

Earlier this year, the streaming platform launched a mobile-only subscription plan in South Africa for only R50p/m. It only functions on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets (iOS included). 

Source: Netflix blog via Apple Insider


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