DStv launches its own fixed LTE internet service, from R230p/m for 25GB


While DStv is well-known for its linear TV programming, it has increasingly started offering digital services to its customers, including  streaming and access to Showmax for its Premium subscribers. Now, it’s completing the loop, announcing that it’s now offering internet packages to its customers. 

This type of internet comes in the form of fixed LTE, which is basically a portable mobile router with a SIM card but fixed to one location, like a house or business. These packages tend to offer better data costs than mobile SIMs do, which make them ideal for users who don’t have a physical internet line in the form of ADSL or fibre. 

DStv cares about the internet now?

MultichoiceIts wireless internet service offers three data caps: 25GB, 110GB and 220GB of data. In each instance, customers will get the equivalent in data for night-time usage. For example, if you opt for the 25GB option, you’ll get 25GB daytime and 25GB night–time data allocation. 

“DStv customers have the benefit of choosing from bundled offerings that include data options with their DStv subscription package, making it easier to stream their favourite content on any Internet-connected device,” said the company. 

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All packages also come with a fixed LTE router included in the monthly fees. The broadcaster is also marketing a security offering called DStv Trusted Home. We can’t speak towards the app’s efficacy and will have to test it out. 

“The DStv Internet offering also includes an exclusive new premium service called DStv Trusted Home, an AI-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution developed jointly by MultiChoice’s digital platform security subsidiary Irdeto, and Minim – the creator of intelligent networking products,” the company explains. 

Each package comes standard with either a ZTE MF286R or ZTE MF286C router, depending on the amount of data you’ll use — something that’ll really depend on the amount of streaming you intend to do. 

According to the web page, “[s]treaming video continuously for 2 – 3 hours a day requires approximately 15GB – 75GB of data per month.” This will obviously also depend on the quality you’re streaming in, and how often you binge content. 

Here’s a pricing breakdown of DStv’s new fixed LTE packages:

Package Price
25GB (day) + 25GB (night) R230
110GB (day) + 110GB (night) R500
220GB (day) + 220GB (night) R800



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